Where Can I Purchase a WAEC Scratch Card in 2023 Online?

In the year 2023, purchasing the WAEC Result Checker and the WAEC Scratch Card online will be possible in a number of different ways. If you read this post all the way to the end, you will undoubtedly find out how to purchase the scratch card over the internet.

What exactly is an e-PIN?

The abbreviation for “Electronic Personal Identification Number” (e-PIN) is often used. To have access to the WAECDIRECT service, one must have either a 10-digit or 12-digit number that is completely unique to them. The service provides immediate access to the findings of a candidate in a variety of different ways. You may locate the e-PIN in any legitimate WAEC voucher.

The WAEC Result Checker and Scratch Card are terms that are often confused.

The West African Examinations Council is responsible for the production of the WAEC Scratch Cards, which are also often referred to as the WAEC Result Checker (WAEC). It allows one to have access to the WAEC results. Each card has a unique serial number and pin, and a given applicant is only allowed to use their card a maximum of five times. You will receive a really excellent deal if you get your WAEC scratch cards from E-PinMall.com, which is an online retailer.

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Where can I purchase an e-PIN?

A WAEC Electronic PIN may be obtained at the organization’s national headquarters in Nigeria, as well as at any of its zonal or branch offices located around the country. It is possible that it will become accessible at any additional locations specified by WAEC at some point in time. The new fee for the e-PIN, after being evaluated, is N1,500.

How often am I permitted to see my results?

You are allowed to use the same e-PIN to verify your result a maximum of five times before it becomes invalid. When you have checked the results the maximum number of times, which is five times, you will need to buy a new e-PIN, which will cost you five dollars and enable you to verify the results an additional five times.

Is it possible to verify more than one result with the same e-PIN?

No! You are only allowed to check one result using an e-PIN voucher at a time. You will need a new e-PIN voucher if you want to check another result that could be of interest to you. If you make improper use of an e-PIN Voucher by trying to verify another result that is distinct from the first result checked, you will be penalized as if you had used the e-PIN, and the corresponding error notice will be shown to you at that time.

What additional options are there for me to verify my results?

No. Just one e-PIN may be used to access a single result at a time. You will need a new e-PIN in order to check another result that could be of interest to you. You will be penalized as having used the e-PIN, and the corresponding error notice will be displayed to you if you abuse an e-PIN by trying to verify another result that is different from the first one checked.

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Learn Where to Purchase WAEC Scratch Cards Online in 2023 and How to Use Them.

This is the most comprehensive and authoritative advice on how to buy a WAEC scratch card online in the year 2023. We ask that you make every effort to adhere to our guidance in order to ensure your success.

Purchases Can Be Made With USSD.

By adhering to the procedures outlined here, you will be able to utilize the USSD way of purchasing.

  • Just provide the short code for mobile money, which is *170#.
  • Choose to pay the bill.
  • Also, choose the “General” payment option.
  • Please respond to each of the questions as directed.
  • Payment Code: monicliq.
  • The amount is 9GHC (enter multiples if you want to buy more than one).
  • Note: Refer to the WAEC (see notes).

Using Mobile Money from MTN

Utilize MTN Mobile Money, and if you want to be successful, follow the procedures that are stated below.

  • Go to the My MTN app on your mobile device.
  • After that, choose Mobile Money from the menu.
  • Also, choose the “Pay Bill” option.
  • After that, choose “general payments” from the menu.
  • In the space designated for the payment code, type “Monicliq WAEC.”
  • In the “MM PINCODE” field, enter the password for your MTN Mobile Money account.
  • In the field labeled “Reference,” type in your phone number.
  • Just put 9 where it asks for the amount.

How to Verify Your Result for the WAEC Exam

In the event that you are unaware, the following is an explanation of how to verify your WAEC results online.

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Waecdirect.org will allow you to log into the WAEC website.

Please enter the 10-digit WAEC Examination Number that was provided to you after registration.

Additionally, provide the last four digits of the year that your test was taken.

Throughout the registration process, you will be given the option to choose the kind of test.

Please enter the card serial number that may be found on the back of your scratch card here.

Also, you will need to input the Personal Identification Number (PIN) that is printed on each of your scratch cards.

When you have waited for the examination results box to appear, click the “Submit” button.

You may save a copy by printing it off from the WAEC website or having it sent to you straight from there.

Check via SMS

You may get a WAEC result scratch card from any of the stationeries in the area.

Send an SMS message to the recipient using the shortcode that is shown below. Enter 32327 for the WAEC Exam Number, PIN, and Exam Year. For instance, WAEC + 5260554535 + the pin + 2013 = 32327.

Your WAEC result will be emailed to you shortly; just wait a few more seconds. or just click here.

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