What You Need to Do to Retrieve Your WAEC Examination Number

This walkthrough will be broken up into two sections for your convenience. You will learn how to obtain WAEC SSCE examination numbers in the first half of this lesson, and how to retrieve WAEC GCE examination numbers in the second part of this lesson.

The procedure for retrieving WAEC SSCE Examination Numbers

You have a choice between three different approaches when it comes to retrieving WAEC SSCE examination numbers. Investigate several approaches until you find one that works for you.

Using the WAEC SSCE Test Centre Number Database is the first method (Nigeria only)

A database maintained by WAEC includes a list of schools in the participating nations, along with the WAEC center numbers for each of those institutions. To our good fortune, the WAEC SSCE center numbers for schools in Nigeria are now accessible online.

If you took your WAEC SSCE examinations in Nigeria and you still recall the seat number you were assigned, then this is the way that will work best for you. In order to apply this strategy effectively, you will also need to recall the name of the institution where you took your examinations.

We are going to provide you with the WAEC SSCE center numbers for Nigerian schools so that you may register.

When you reach the page, use the Ctrl and F keys on your computer to bring up the find box. Inside of it, input the name of the institution at which you took the test, and then copy the center number.

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If you are using a mobile phone, when you get to the page that lists the WAEC SSCE center numbers for schools in Nigeria, press the options button, navigate to the “Find” or “Find in page” button, and then type the name of the school where you completed your WAEC. If you are using a desktop computer, navigate to the page that lists the WAEC SSCE center numbers for schools in Nigeria. You should make a note of the center number on either your phone or a piece of paper.

Just click on this link to get the complete list of WAEC examination centers in Nigeria.

When you have written down the number of the examination location, just add your seat number at the end of it without leaving any spaces. There are three digits in the seat number, such as (006, 035, 412).

Step 2: Track Down the Institution Where You Originally Took the Test

This strategy will be successful for you even if you are unable to locate the name of your institution on the provided list.

Find the school where you took your WAEC SSCE exam (it will most likely be your secondary school) and talk to the principal about getting your WAEC SSCE examination number from them.

Each and every secondary school has a master list of students who will be taking the written test at their respective center. The master list has all of the students’ names and the examination numbers associated with them.

Step 3: Present Yourself at the WAEC Office

In order to do this, you will need the following: A court-issued affidavit that has been taken under oath.

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A picture from an identification document such as a passport (NIN, international passport, driver’s license).

The topics that you covered throughout the examination (the subjects you can remember).

*Permission to Proceed Letter (you only need this when you are helping a family member retrieve their result).

These items are necessary for WAEC to validate your identity and ensure that you are the rightful owner of the results. There are few instances in which individuals with the same exact name take examinations in the same year.

The WAEC will carefully review the information you supply in order to ensure that an examination number is not assigned to the incorrect applicant.

You need to file a written document with the court stating that you have lost your examination number or picture card. Any WAEC office would accept the affidavit together with one image that looks like it was taken from a passport.

You will be handed a form as soon as you arrive at the WAEC office, which will need you to fill in your name, date of birth, contact information, and exam details.

The recovery service will cost you N4,000, and you will be required to get a WAEC result checker pin as part of the process.

It is important that you keep in mind that you need to be at the WAEC office before 1 PM on Monday through Friday.

How to Retrieve Your WAEC General Certificate of Education Examination Number

The general public does not yet have access to the WAEC GCE center numbers at this time. You will need to bring a passport picture and an affidavit with you when you go to a WAEC office to seek an exam number recovery service. This will allow you to retrieve your WAEC GCE test number.

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