What To Do After UK Fiance Visa Approval

UK Fiance Visa Approval

If you are reading this, congratulations on receiving your UK fiancé visa approval! This is an exciting step towards moving to the UK to be with your partner. Now that you have the visa, it’s time to consider the next steps. From preparing for the move to understanding the visa requirements, several important things must be considered. Let’s look at what you need to do after your UK fiancé visa approval.

Your First Steps with a UK Fiance Visa

After getting a UK Fiance Visa, the first steps are making travel plans to the UK and preparing for marriage within 6 months. Couples need to show evidence of their genuine relationship, like engagement details, how they met, and future wedding plans.

There’s a visa fee of £1,538 and additional costs for dependents, if any. The processing time is usually 12 weeks but can be longer if more information is needed. It’s essential to understand the process of switching to a Spouse Visa in the UK and meeting its requirements, with potential extensions leading to Indefinite Leave to Remain.

Getting help from immigration consultants or attorneys is recommended for personalized guidance.

Getting Ready to Go to the UK

UK Fiance Visa
UK Fiance Visa

Preparing to move to the UK after the fiancé visa is approved is a big step. It involves getting the right documents and evidence, like a medical report, and ensuring you meet all immigration requirements.

It’s also important to consider the financial side, including the visa application fee and any extra costs for dependents or adult family members.

These steps will help make your move to the UK easier and ensure you follow all visa rules.

Planning Your Wedding in the Next 6 Months

When planning a wedding within the next 6 months, it’s important to prioritize certain tasks:

  1. Secure a venue.
  2. Choose a date.
  3. Arrange catering and photographers.

Completing all necessary paperwork and documentation for the wedding and visa process is crucial. Creating a detailed checklist and working closely with wedding planners and immigration professionals can help achieve this.

Managing the financial aspects involves setting a clear budget, prioritizing essential expenses, and exploring cost-cutting options like DIY decorations and simplifying the guest list. Seeking expert financial advice can also help effectively manage the finances for the wedding and visa process.

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Your Checklist for Living in the UK

When preparing to live in the UK after getting a Fiancé Visa, it’s crucial to have a checklist ready. This includes gathering documents like passports, financial records, and medical reports. Meeting the financial requirements for the visa and living expenses in the UK can be achieved through employment, savings, or a partner’s financial support. It’s important to have a plan for accommodation upon arrival, whether temporary or permanent.

Being well-prepared with all the necessary documentation, financial stability, and living arrangements is important for a smooth transition to living in the UK after obtaining a Fiancé Visa.

Proof You Are Going to Marry

Obtaining a UK Fiancé Visa involves a high level of commitment from both parties. Normally, the applicant and their partner should have been in a committed relationship for at least two years, a crucial visa application requirement. They should also plan to get married within six months of entering the UK, indicating their readiness to take their relationship to the next level.

To prepare for their future together, the couple can gather evidence of their joint finances and shared responsibilities, such as joint bank accounts, jointly owned property, or sharing bills and household expenses. These serve as proof of the genuineness of the relationship, fulfilling one of the visa requirements.

With thorough preparation, careful consideration, and adherence to the guidelines, the couple can look forward to a smooth and successful application process.

How to Show You Plan to Stay Together in the UK

You need to provide some documents to show a real commitment to staying together in the UK. These include proof of engagement, letters or emails, and visits. It’s also important to have a detailed plan for your upcoming marriage. You should also demonstrate that you are financially stable. This can be done by giving bank statements, pay stubs, and proof of employment. You also need to explain how you will support yourselves in the UK.

To prove your relationship is genuine and committed for a Fiancé Visa, you can take some steps. These include making plans for the wedding, talking about your future, and taking part in premarital counseling or workshops. With a clear and organized approach, you can show that you intend to stay together in the UK after getting a Fiancé Visa.

What You Need to Know About Money for a Fiancé Visa

UK Fiance Visa
UK Fiance Visa

To get a fiancé visa in the UK, you must show an annual income of at least £18,600. You also need to have extra money if you have kids. You can prove this with pay stubs, bank statements, or a job confirmation letter. You might also need to show savings, pension money, or any other income not from a job, like rent or dividends. All the paperwork must be recent and show that your finances have been steady for six months.

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These documents are essential for the visa process and show that you can support your fiancé in the UK.

If You Can Get a Job on a Fiancé Visa

After getting a fiancé visa in the UK, there are rules about working there. Usually, people on a fiancé visa can’t work in the UK. To work, they must apply for a different work visa and meet all the requirements, like getting a Certificate of Sponsorship from a UK employer. They can’t change from a fiancé to a work visa without leaving the UK. After marrying a UK citizen or permanent resident and getting a spouse visa, they can apply for a work visa if they want.

What Is Next After Getting Married

After getting married on a UK Fiancé Visa, the couple should start preparing for life in the UK. They need to understand the requirements for switching to a Spouse Visa. This usually involves showing a continued relationship and meeting financial and accommodation criteria. It’s also important to know that the Fiancé Visa is only valid for 6 months, so the couple must marry within this time to stay in the UK legally.

After marriage, they should gather the necessary documentation for a Spouse Visa application, including proof of marriage, accommodation details, and financial support. Seeking legal advice and guidance from immigration professionals can help understand the steps and requirements for the Spouse Visa, ensuring a smooth transition to living in the UK.

Ask Us About Fiancé Visas

Meeting Money Needs for Your Visa

The needed amount of money can change based on the applicant’s situation. This includes whether they are applying alone or with children. The money must be in a bank account for at least six months before applying for the visa. Other financial sources like income from work, savings, or stocks can also be used to support the application. Detailed documentation, such as bank statements and tax returns, is crucial to show that these resources are reliable.

If the applicant doesn’t meet the requirements, they can get financial help from a fiancé or their partner’s family. Any support from a third party needs a signed declaration from them to prove their commitment.

Where You Will Live in the UK

People on a fiancé visa in the UK have different housing options. They can rent a place, stay with family or friends, or buy a home. They can provide a tenancy agreement, mortgage details, or a consent letter from the homeowner to show they have arranged suitable housing. Also, they need to prove that the couple will have good housing in the UK. This can be done with evidence like utility bills, property inspection reports, or residence photos.

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This documentation is important to meet the UK’s housing requirements for fiancé visa holders.

Proving Your Relationship Is Real

When preparing to apply for a UK fiancé visa, it’s important to have evidence demonstrating the relationship’s genuineness and authenticity. This evidence should prove that the relationship exists for genuine reasons, not just for getting a visa.

Examples of this evidence include:

  • Photographs together
  • Joint bank statements
  • Evidence of communication like emails, letters, or social media messages exchanged between the couple.

Specific guidelines and requirements are usually set for fiancé visa applications, outlining the proof needed to show the ongoing and authentic nature of the relationship. Therefore, the submitted documents and proof should illustrate the couple’s relationship history and plans together to qualify for the visa.

After Marriage: Applying for a Spouse Visa

UK Fiance Visa Approval
UK Fiance Visa Approval

After getting married, applying for a spouse visa has specific requirements and needs certain documents. These include proof of English language skills, a minimum income, proof of the relationship, and meeting accommodation needs.

To show their commitment to staying together in the UK, the couple can provide evidence of living together, sharing financial responsibilities, and having plans in the UK.

If the spouse visa application is rejected, the couple might need to reapply after addressing the issues, appeal the decision, or explore other visa options based on their situation. Seeking legal help is a good idea to understand the reasons for rejection and determine the best way forward.

What Happens If You Don’t Get Married in 6 Months?

If you don’t get married within the 6-month timeframe required for a fiancé visa, potential consequences could include the expiration of the visa and the need to reapply. This can lead to further costs and potential delays in reuniting with your partner in the UK.

Not getting married within 6 months can affect your immigration status and plans to live in the UK. It can jeopardize your eligibility for a Spouse Visa, which requires compliance with the 6-month requirement.

If unforeseen circumstances prevent marriage within the 6 months, individuals may explore extending the fiancé visa. They can also seek legal counsel for guidance or consider alternative visa options that align with their relationship status and plans.

What to Do If Your Visa Doesn’t Get Approved

If your UK fiancé visa is not approved, you can take the following steps:

  • Assess the reasons for the refusal to see if you can correct any issues and reapply.
  • Consider alternative visa options like a spouse visa or family visa.
  • Make sure you meet all the requirements for these alternative visa options before deciding.

Seek guidance from immigration legal professionals for valuable assistance and advice. You can read more on this topic here.



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