40,000+ Unskilled Visa Sponsorship Jobs in the United Kingdom With Job Links

Sponsorship Jobs

The UK visa is now one of the easiest to get. The UK government has simplified all visa requirements and proposed creating 40,000 unskilled visa sponsorship jobs in the UK this coming year. It simply meant that companies, enterprises, NGOs, and the UK labour market could now choose overseas candidates to work in the UK. A UK seasonal visa covers this. 

The UK’s new administration is offering 40,000 jobs to overseas candidates. These are visa sponsorship positions. Anyone may gain from it. If they are well-educated and competent candidates, or if they have less education, these 40,000 seasonal unskilled jobs are aimed at those with a low level of education.

What are Unskilled Sponsorship Jobs in the UK?

The header says unskilled jobs, but let us talk about unskilled labour. We believe describing that would help you understand what an unskilled job is. So, unskilled labour refers to workers with no special training or experience. These workers have a very limited skill set and they have little to no higher education.

Therefore, Unskilled jobs do not require a unique skill set or experience. These jobs usually come with low salaries. Examples of these jobs include farm workers, cleaners, grocery clerks, etc.

However, it is common to find people with university degrees doing these unskilled jobs. This is usually an effect of the lack of employment, but that is a discussion for another day.

Before leaving this topic, let us touch on skilled labour and jobs. In contrast to unskilled jobs, professional jobs require specialized training and skills. They, however, are not white-collar jobs. This means they differ from highly-skilled occupations such as lawyers, architects, engineers, etc.

Examples of skilled workers include electricians, welders, and plumbers, who are all skilled labourers.


Job Duration and When to Apply

Don’t squander your time. A UK Seasonal Visa allows you to stay in the UK for up to 8 months or a maximum of 12 months. You will be employed as an unskilled labourer.

An example is working in horticulture for up to 6 months, picking fruit and vegetables or flowers. Horticulture seasonal worker permits can be obtained at any time of year. From October 18 to December 31 of the same year, this is a fantastic opportunity to work as a fruit picker on a UK farm.

Keep an eye out for the following job categories:

All of them are unskilled jobs. And because the UK government is experiencing a labour shortage, they are looking for individuals from any country interested in doing these jobs for a limited time.


You can contact recruitment agencies for more job positions.


Package and Benefits

  • A handsome salary that will suffice per month
  • Yes, you may relocate.
  • Yes, there is accommodation.

List of 40,000 Unskilled Jobs in the United Kingdom

We have compiled a list of UK companies that provide unskilled jobs. They have verified businesses that the UK government has approved. These businesses require a large number of employees. These businesses are registered with the UK government.

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The UK offers some opportunities for companies to sponsor unskilled jobs. This type of sponsorship allows companies to support workers outside the European Economic Area (EEA) to come and work in the UK for a set period.

Job sponsorship can also be a way for companies to demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility by providing opportunities for workers from lower-income countries to gain employment in the UK.

Some UK companies provide job sponsorship, including:


  • – Acacia Immigration
  • – Allsop & Co
  • – Arian Migration
  • – David Cameron & Co
  • – Evans and Everett
  • – Fullers Migration
  • – Hartwig Migration
  • – Hayes and Jarvis
  • – Jardine Lloyd Thompson
  • – Migration Solutions
  • – Moores Rowland
  • – Peninsula
  • – Peters and Peters
  • – Sears, Migration
  • – Shepherd and Wedderburn
  • – Wilsons


What is an unskilled job in the United Kingdom?

We realize the headline says unskilled jobs, but how about unskilled labour? We feel that discussing it will help you comprehend what unskilled work entails. Unskilled labourers are those who have no specific training or experience. These employees have very restricted skill sets and little to no further education.

As a result, unskilled occupations do not need a specialized skill set or expertise. These jobs are often low-paying. Farm labourers, cleaners, store clerks, and so on are examples of these jobs.

Where can I look for UK visa sponsorship jobs in 2023?

Follow the methods outlined below to locate UK unskilled visa sponsorship jobs in 2023 on the UK Government’s official website.

  • Visit the UK government’s website. Government Jobs
  • There are licensed, registered sponsor firms listed there.
  • They have the authority to sponsor candidates.
  • A list of temporary worker license sponsorship opportunities can be found here.
  • This list includes almost 64,000 organizations.
  • To view the information, please download the file.
  • Download the file to see the entire contents. Click on the link above.
  • It will be saved to your computer after you’ve downloaded the list.
  • Microsoft Excel will be launched. You must also look at column E.
  • There is a category for “seasonal workers” there.


How to get Unskilled Jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship

Here is a step-by-step process to get a Graduate job in the UK with Visa Sponsorship.

  1. Apply for Unskilled jobs in the UK: You would need a job offer from a company in the UK to be eligible for Visa Sponsorship. And to do that, you have to apply to jobs offering that. Once your application has been accepted, you are eligible for Visa Sponsorship.
  2. Apply for a Visa: To work in the United Kingdom as an Unskilled labourer, you need a work permit. There are various types of work permits, and they apply to multiple occupations. There are six types of these work permits, five for short-term workers.

You would also need certain documents ready and available. These include;

  1. Certificate of Sponsorship that your employers would provide
  2. Proof of adequate payment plans from your employers
  3. A tuberculosis test results if you are from one of the following countries

Typical Unskilled Jobs in the UK

  1. Cleaners
  2. Farm workers
  3. Private Chauffeur
  4. Mining Constructors
  5. Bouncers
  6. Construction workers
  7. Drivers

Highest Paying Unskilled Jobs in the UK

Unskilled jobs don’t always mean low pay. In the UK, several unskilled positions offer surprisingly competitive salaries. Here are some of the highest-paying unskilled jobs in the UK:

  1. Private Chauffeur: Private chauffeurs have the unique task of driving and maintaining the vehicles of their employers. This role often involves a high degree of personal interaction, as they are assigned to specific individuals or families. Private chauffeurs also assist passengers in and out of vehicles, making their service indispensable. The average yearly salary for chauffeurs in the United Kingdom is £32,643. If you want to become a private chauffeur or learn more about the profession, you can explore job opportunities and resources at websites like Indeed and Totaljobs.
  2. Janitors: Janitors play a vital role in maintaining clean and safe environments in public buildings. Their responsibilities include general cleaning, such as mopping, vacuuming, and cleaning windows. They also ensure that essential furniture and fixtures are well-maintained. Janitors earn a respectable yearly salary of £20,194. Websites like Monster and Reed can provide valuable information and job listings if you’re considering a career as a janitor or looking for janitorial job openings.
  3. Courier: Couriers collect parcels from central depots and deliver them to specific addresses. Effective route planning is crucial to ensure timely deliveries. Couriers earn an average yearly salary of £28,233. To explore opportunities in the courier industry or find courier job listings, you can visit websites like Courier Exchange and DPD.
  4. Bouncer: Bouncers are crucial in maintaining security at events and venues. They ensure the safety of guests by preventing and managing conflicts and disturbances. Detailed incident reporting to authorities is also part of their job. Bouncers typically earn around £28,233 annually. If you’re interested in a career in security or want to find bouncer job openings, you can check websites like Security Cleared Jobs and Security Jobs.
  5. Farm Worker: Farmworkers are responsible for various agricultural tasks, including planting, tending to crops, and harvesting. They may also care for livestock, providing food, shelter, and medical attention when necessary. The average yearly salary for farmworkers is £19,747. If you’re passionate about agriculture or want to explore farm job opportunities, websites like Farmers Weekly and AgHires can be valuable resources.
  6. Sales Representative: Sales representatives act as intermediaries between customers and manufacturers. They assist customers in reaching producers and convey customer feedback to manufacturers for product improvement. Sales representatives earn an average salary of £21,751 annually. To learn more about sales representative roles or search for sales job openings, you can visit websites like Salesjobs and Glassdoor.
  7. Construction Worker: With ongoing infrastructure development in the UK, construction workers are in demand. They perform site cleanup, assembly, and demolition and occasionally operate heavy construction equipment. Construction workers can earn up to £23,363 per year. If you’re interested in a career in construction, you can explore job opportunities and resources at websites like Construction Jobs and CITB.
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These unskilled jobs not only offer competitive salaries but also provide opportunities for career growth and development. Whether you are considering a new career path or looking for job openings, the links can help you start your journey.

The UK Third Tier Visa

The United Kingdom’s Visa system for immigrants is divided into five categories. These categories are for the various types of immigrants for the multiple classes of foreigners entering the country. These categories are;

  1. First Tier – which is for highly skilled immigrants or immigrants with highly valued skills in the UK
  2. Second Tier- this is for skilled workers
  3. Third Tier – Low and Unskilled workers
  4. Fourth Tier – Students who are aged 16 and above
  5. Fifth Tier is for temporary workers, religious workers, international agreements, and charity workers.

Unskilled workers they should be focused on the third tier of Visa. This visa type is for those who would be earning below £25,600. Although unskilled workers in the United Kingdom are no longer allowed, they can still work if they meet the following criteria;

  1. Their newfound job must offer at least £25,600 annually as the salary. Only in emergency vacancies can an unskilled worker earning below that threshold be allowed to work.
  2. These applicants must meet the required points on an assessment test to be eligible for this visa.
  3. The unskilled worker needs to have his or her certificate of sponsorship.

This Visa tier does not have a language requirement. However, we advise applicants to have proficient English skills when applying for visas to the UK, regardless of the requirements. This Visa does have some benefits, as you can apply for an indefinite leave of permanent residency. The caveat is that your visa lasts 12 months, and you cannot bring a spouse or family member.

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One last thing to note is that the Tier Three Visa is currently on hold by the United Kingdom’s government.

Websites to find Unskilled Jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship

If you’re looking for job opportunities in the UK and don’t possess specialized skills but require visa sponsorship, some excellent websites can significantly assist you in your search. These websites function like large bulletin boards for job listings and are user-friendly, making them valuable resources for job seekers. Let’s take a closer look at five of these websites:

  1. Fasthire: Fasthire is not just your run-of-the-mill job search website; it’s a dynamic platform designed to aid professionals in reaching their career goals. In addition to job listings, they offer services like crafting a compelling CV and boosting your LinkedIn profile, which can significantly enhance your chances of landing the right job. If you’re seeking unskilled jobs with visa sponsorship in the UK, Fasthire is a valuable resource. You can explore their offerings and job listings here: Fasthire Website.
  2. Jooble: Jooble is a widely-used job search website that operates in a whopping 69 countries across the globe. Their specialization in helping individuals find their ideal jobs is what sets them apart. Whether you’re looking for work with visa sponsorship in the UK or elsewhere, Jooble aggregates job listings from various sources, simplifying job-hunting. Take a peek at their platform to discover unskilled job opportunities in the UK: Jooble Website.
  3. Career Jet: Career Jet is a job search engine tailored to streamline the process of scouring the internet for employment opportunities. Their extensive database contains job openings from numerous recruiting agencies and job boards worldwide. This means you can unearth unskilled job prospects in the UK with visa sponsorship on their platform. Dive into your job search journey with Career Jet right here: Career Jet Website.
  4. Indeed: Indeed is one of the largest and most renowned job search websites globally, with a staggering 250 million unique monthly visitors. This powerhouse platform offers free job postings and invaluable company insights to job seekers. Indeed is an excellent choice if you’re searching for diverse unskilled job opportunities in the UK, including those with visa sponsorship. Explore the vast array of options they provide: Indeed Website.
  5. Reed: Reed boasts the distinction of being one of the UK’s original and foremost recruiting websites. Over time, it has evolved into a prominent employment marketplace. Reed’s platform encompasses unskilled job listings that extend to visa sponsorship options, allowing you to explore a broad spectrum of employment opportunities in the UK. Discover more about Reed and its offerings here: Reed Website.

When navigating these websites, it’s advisable to use relevant keywords like “unskilled jobs” “visa sponsorship,” and specify your desired UK location to refine your search results. Additionally, regularly updating your CV and LinkedIn profile can significantly boost your prospects of capturing the attention of potential employers. Best of luck with your job search, and may you find the perfect opportunity!

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