Top 10 Unskilled Jobs With Visa Sponsorship in the UK

Unskilled Jobs

Visa sponsorship is the UK’s main system for overseas talent. It allows companies to employ skilled workers from outside the EU and other high-skilled professions without having to apply for a visa. In this article, we’ll look at what visas are available for unskilled jobs in the UK and how you can get one if you have no skills or experience.

Health Worker

A health worker is a person who works in the health field and provides care to patients. The government, the private sector, or voluntary organizations may employ them.

Health workers need to have good English language skills, as well as qualifications in nursing, medicine, or other medical fields. This type of work can be stressful because you might see people during their worst moments of illness or injury. It’s also essential that you’re trained on how to handle emergencies so that you can help them as quickly as possible.

It takes around four years for someone with no prior experience in this field to become qualified enough to study at the university or college level (BSc Nursing). “You’ll also need skills such as typing ability and computer literacy before applying for jobs within hospitals where many staff members work closely together.”

Web Developer

A web developer is someone who creates, designs and builds websites. They can work in any field, whether it’s creative or technical. Web developers must be able to code HTML5 websites and CSS3 designs. They must also know how to build a website using WordPress or another content management system (CMS). If you want to become a web developer, you should study computer science at the university level to learn programming languages such as JavaScript or Python


As a secretary, you’ll be working in various roles and situations. You may be asked to handle all client correspondence, manage schedules, and organize meetings. Some secretaries work as full-time employees, while others hold only part-time positions.

You can also find yourself performing secretarial duties for an individual or organization by helping them with their financial records or handling the administrative tasks associated with running their business. Some secretaries hold this position long-term; however, some are only temporary workers who fill in when there is an immediate need for help with specific projects or tasks related to their job description.

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A cleaner is a job that people all over the UK seek. There are many reasons, but one is because there is a lot of demand for cleaners and housemaids in the UK.

It’s also important to note that you must speak English fluently if you want this kind of position or any other skilled job. You’ll also need to pass a criminal record check and have your National Insurance number before applying for any visa sponsorship positions like those listed above! These two items alone can be difficult enough on their own, so it’s good news that they’re both required by law — though it would still help if they weren’t required at all!


Cashier jobs are a good option for unskilled workers. They’re in demand and pay well, making them an attractive choice if you want to start your visa sponsorship journey.

If you’re thinking about becoming a cashier, it’s important to note that many types of cashiers exist. For example, some people work in supermarkets where they count money or stock shelves full of goods; other people work at convenience stores or gas stations where customers can pay for their purchases with cash; still, others might be employed by banks or other businesses who take payments via check or credit card.

You’ll need some basic English skills to become an employee at any business like this—but don’t worry! The job itself doesn’t require much training at all (just reading instructions), so even if English isn’t your first language right now but would like to learn more about becoming a clerk instead (or maybe even do something else entirely), there shouldn’t be too many barriers ahead…


Receptionists are the first point of contact for most customers, and they’re responsible for greeting them with a smile and helping them with whatever they need. Receptionists also manage their office’s schedule and ensure everyone completes their work on time. They’re required in various industries, including retail stores, call centers and offices; however, many receptionists start working at an entry-level position before moving up through the ranks into a management role over time.

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Teacher’s Aide

If you are a skilled worker with the qualifications and experience to become a teacher’s aide, this can be an excellent job for you. It would help if you had at least GCSEs or equivalent education in English and math (or math with an additional science qualification). You will also need excellent communication skills and the ability to work under pressure.

To become certified as a teacher’s aide, it is recommended that candidates complete an approved course that lasts for 12 months and has been accredited by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA). Once the course has been completed successfully, candidates must also pass an examination set by QCA, which tests knowledge of health and safety regulations related specifically to working with children/young people under the age of 18; it does not cover any other areas such as fire safety or first aid procedures, etcetera.

Commercial truck drivers

A commercial truck driver is someone who drives a truck for work. They must have a Class 2 or 3 license, which means they can drive heavy vehicles with a GVWR of more than 3.5 tons (3.7 metric tons).

The average salary for a commercial truck driver in the UK is £35,000 per year, but this can vary depending on your experience and how many hours you drive each week. Suppose you want to become an independent contractor or start your own business as a commercial truck driver. In that case, it will be harder for you to earn money since there isn’t much available work at the moment due to Brexit uncertainty and fewer customers coming into London because of transportation issues caused by Brexit.


If you’re a good listener and have a friendly manner, this job could be right up your alley. You will be working in an environment where customers are constantly coming and going, so you must ensure everyone is comfortable and happy.

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You must also know how to deal with any problems during your shift. If one customer doesn’t like something on their plate (or wants something else), it’s up to you as the waiter/waitress at the table to resolve the issue quickly before other customers start complaining, too!

This position requires good communication skills and patience; dealing with upset customers always makes it easier for us when we go out for dinner together!


A custodian is someone who cleans and maintains the building. They scrub walls, floors, and other surfaces in a workplace to keep it clean for employees and customers.

Because of this job’s low pay scale (which ranges from £8 an hour to £10 an hour), qualified people have few opportunities to earn such high salaries as custodians. However, if you have experience working as a janitor/custodian before or if you happen to know someone who works at one place where they can refer your application, then it might be worth applying for this position based solely on their recommendation!

Which unskilled jobs are in demand in the UK?

You may have heard about the shortage of skilled workers in the UK, but what about unskilled jobs? These are also in demand, and many positions require no prior experience or qualifications.

The top 10 unskilled jobs with visa sponsorship in the UK include:

  • General Labourers (Grade 1) – 63,000 vacancies;
  • Catering Workers (Grade 2) – 48,000 vacancies;
  • Nursery Workers (Grade 3) – 34,000 vacancies;
  • Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance Workers (Grade 4) – 24,000 vacancies;
  • Assemblers / Fabricators/Repairers of Electronic Equipment (Level 1)(this includes all levels for this job title).


We’re sure you can think of more jobs at risk of being automated, but these are the ones we looked at. We hope this has given you a clearer idea of what unskilled work means in the UK and how automation could affect it. If you’re interested in learning more about unskilled jobs available overseas, check out our guide here!


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