Top Reasons You Should Not Combine Work With Studying

International students who come to Canada, the US, the UK, Germany and so on for studies are often finding it difficult to cope with the spending and fees.

Those who do not have proper financial backing, or scholarship to help them settle some of the bills, tuition, and other academic fees, end up struggling. Many international students resolve to take up part-time jobs during school academic semesters or sessions.

Though the reason seems fair and understandable considering the fees and bills to be paid, then it takes a negative toll on your academic performances. This is the reason developed countries adds as requirement international students having enough money and financial assistance to take care of themselves for at least their first year in school to help them focus.

There are so many reasons why you may think working while studying will be good for you but then allow me to tell you some of the reasons I think it’s a bad idea for you. Before I do that let me quickly say that working during your holiday period is totally fine.

By the holiday period, you get less hectic schedules, free from classes, assignments, exams, and academic deadlines. Most especially, you get enough time to focus on the job, learn well, and get more experience.

Top Reasons You Should Not Combine Work With Studying

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Work While You Are Studying

  1. Aside from the tight schedules of academic activities, you will still have to share your time with going to work every day, with little or no time to rest. This can be very exhausting especially if you want to make good grades.
  2. Because you are time is shared between work and school, you have zero time for social life. You don’t get to be a proper student, and you don’t participate in extra-curricular activities.
  3. If you do not know how to manage work and school, you end up substituting one for the other.
  4. Not every job you see helps you grow especially when it is not in your field of expertise.
  5. You still get enough time to work during the holidays, so why not use the time and period for studies and do some studying.
  6. There are no excuses for failures and employers do not consider failures. Yes getting the working experience is vital, but experience without good grades is useless.
  7. Some countries like Canada and the UK, has made arrangements for graduates to remain in the country for some years to gain needful working experience so why the rush?
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