Top 30 Best holiday Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere

holiday Jobs

Getting a job as a student is perhaps one of the easiest ways to make money. And finding holiday jobs and working during the holiday is one of the stress-free ways to make easy money.

During the holidays, so many students prefer to rest from academic stress during the holiday, go on vacations, visit friends and families and spend quality time.

All that is good for you as a student; however, when you consider the financial challenges you may encounter when school resumes or the stress of combining work with studies when the semester is in session, then you begin to see the need to work during the holiday and save yourself the stress of running between work and school.

More so, the holiday period is the best time to find a job, more vacancies become available, and employers look for more workers to help keep up with the demands of customers, shopping pace, order fulfillment, and delivery that comes with the season.


Now, we will look at the top 30 best jobs you can apply for to help you save money.

Top 30 Best Holiday Jobs for Students

holiday Jobs
holiday Jobs
  1. 1. Babysitting
    • Description: As a babysitter, your primary responsibility is to ensure the safety and well-being of the children you care for. This often involves playing with them, preparing meals, and following bedtime routines. Effective communication with both the children and their parents is crucial.
    • Apply Here: Babysitting gigs can often be found through word of mouth, but you can also explore opportunities on platforms like and Sittercity.

    2. Delivery Driver or Delivery Person

    • Description: Delivery drivers transport goods, from food orders to packages, to their intended destinations. This job requires punctuality, good driving skills, and excellent customer service to ensure timely and accurate deliveries.
    • Apply Here: Apply for delivery driver positions with DoorDash and Uber Eats.

    3. Bartender

    • Description: Bartenders serve customers at bars and restaurants, mixing and serving drinks and often providing entertainment through their friendly demeanour. They need to be skilled in multitasking and have knowledge of various cocktails.
    • Apply Here: Explore bartender jobs on websites like Indeed and Glassdoor.

    4. Retail Salesperson

    • Description: Retail salespeople assist customers with their shopping needs. This involves helping customers find products, answering questions, and processing purchases. Strong interpersonal skills and product knowledge are essential.
    • Apply Here: Check local stores or visit job search websites for retail sales positions.

    5. Food Service Personnel

    • Description: Food service personnel work in various roles in restaurants, cafes, and eateries. They may prepare and serve food, take orders, or handle cashier duties. Patience and teamwork are valuable in this fast-paced environment.
    • Apply Here: Inquire about opportunities at local dining establishments.

    6. Tour Guide

    • Description: Tour guides lead visitors on journeys of exploration, providing information and anecdotes about the places they visit. Exceptional knowledge of the area and excellent communication skills are essential for this role.
    • Apply Here: Check for tour guide positions at local attractions and travel companies.

    7. Lifeguard

    • Description: Lifeguards are responsible for the safety of swimmers and pool/beach-goers. They must be alert, physically fit, and capable of responding to emergencies swiftly and effectively.
    • Apply Here: Inquire about lifeguard positions at local swimming pools, community centers, or beaches.

    8. Photographer

    • Description: Photographers capture moments and create lasting memories through their lens. They work at events, conduct photoshoots, and may specialize in photography styles such as portrait, wedding, or landscape.
    • Apply Here: Promote your photography services locally or on platforms like Thumbtack and Photography Jobs Finder.

    9. Fitness Trainer

    • Description: Fitness trainers design workout plans and guide clients striving to achieve their fitness goals. Certification in fitness training is often required, and trainers should stay updated on the latest fitness trends.
    • Apply Here: Consider getting certified and offering services at local gyms or fitness centers.

    10. Event Planner – Description: Event planners organize and coordinate events, from weddings and birthdays to corporate conferences. Attention to detail, strong organizational skills, and creativity are critical in this role. – Apply Here: Start by gaining experience through internships or by offering event planning services to friends and family.

    11. After-School Teacher/Tutor – Description: After-school teachers and tutors provide academic support to students, helping them with homework, assignments, and test preparation. – Apply Here: Register on tutoring websites like Chegg Tutors or offer tutoring locally.

    12. Catering Staff – Description: Catering staff assist with food service at various events, from weddings to corporate meetings. They may help with food preparation, setup, and serving. – Apply Here: Ask local catering companies or event venues for catering staff openings.

    13. Cashier – Description: Cashiers handle transactions and provide customer service in retail stores, maintaining a friendly and efficient checkout process. – Apply Here: Check with local stores or visit job search websites for cashier positions.

    14. Child & Senior Care Nanny – Description: Nannies provide care and companionship to children or seniors, helping with daily tasks and ensuring their well-being. – Apply Here: Find nanny job listings on platforms like and Sittercity.

    15. Pet Care – Description: Pet care providers offer pet sitting, dog walking, and grooming services for pet owners. – Apply Here: Create a profile on pet care platforms like Rover and

    16. Errands & Cleaning – Description: Errand runners assist with various tasks, including grocery shopping, house cleaning, and other errands. – Apply Here: Offer your services locally or use task-based platforms like TaskRabbit.

    17. Customer Service in a Book Shop – Description: Customer service associates help customers find books, offer recommendations, and handle purchases. – Apply Here: Inquire at local bookstores or visit job search websites.

    18. Boutique Sales Associate – Description: Boutique sales associates provide personalized assistance to customers looking for high-end fashion and accessories. – Apply Here: Check for openings at boutique shops in your area.

    19. Ice Cream Scooper – Description: Ice cream scoopers serve delicious frozen treats and create a cheerful atmosphere for customers. – Apply Here: Look for opportunities at ice cream parlors and dessert shops in your vicinity.

    20. Social Media Manager – Description: Social media managers oversee and manage the online presence of businesses and organizations on various social media platforms. – Apply Here: Search for social media manager positions on job portals like LinkedIn and Glassdoor.

    21. Blogger – Description: Bloggers write and publish articles on various topics, often earning income through advertising and affiliate marketing. – Apply Here: Start your own blog or explore opportunities on platforms like WordPress and Blogger.

    22. Graphic Designer – Description: Graphic designers create visual content for various media, including websites and marketing materials. – Apply Here: Find graphic design gigs on platforms like 99designs and Behance.

    23. Warehouse Worker – Description: Warehouse workers assist with inventory management and order fulfillment, ensuring products are organized and shipped accurately. – Apply Here: Search for warehouse positions on job boards like SimplyHired and ZipRecruiter.

    24. Customer Service Associate – Description: Customer service associates assist and support customers in various industries, handling inquiries and resolving issues. – Apply Here: Check with local businesses or visit job search websites.

    25. House Sitter/Caretaker – Description: House sitters ensure homes are secure and well-maintained while homeowners are away, often including tasks like watering plants and collecting mail. – Apply Here: Offer local house-sitting services or use platforms like

    26. Newspaper Delivery – Description: Personnel distribute newspapers to subscribers’ homes, typically in the early morning hours. – Apply Here: Inquire with local newspapers or visit their websites for delivery job listings.

    27. Parking Attendant – Description: Parking attendants manage parking facilities, assist customers with parking, and ensure orderly traffic flow. – Apply Here: Look for parking attendant positions at parking lots and garages in your area.

    28. Salon/Spa Front Desk/Reception – Description: Front desk staff at salons and spas handle appointments, customer inquiries, and payments. – Apply Here: Inquire at local salons and spas for receptionist openings.

    29. Juice/Smoothie Maker – Description: Juice and smoothie makers prepare healthy beverages for customers, often in health-focused establishments. – Apply Here: Find openings at nearby juice bars and smoothie shops.

    30. Marketing & Sales Intern – Description: Marketing and sales interns gain hands-on experience in marketing and sales strategies, supporting teams in various projects. – Apply Here: Look for internship opportunities on job search websites and company career pages.

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