Top 20 Part-Time Jobs For Students This Year

part-time jobs

So many countries provide scholarships for students at different levels, but the number of fellowships offered does not cover the number of students admitted annually. So, students find other income sources, like part-time jobs, to help them raise more money.

Countries such as Canada offer free education to students up to some level, but then the free education is for Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

So, not every student in Canada enjoys either the scholarships or the free education provided, and so they come down to paying the total cost to study in Canada, which can be very challenging at some point.

Studying in a developed country and top universities is very expensive. If you do not have strong financial backing or do not qualify for one of the available scholarships, it may prove very difficult and almost impossible to meet the fees.

Students must show proof of financial capability and stability to cater to their studies for at least the first year to study in Canada, the USA, Australia, or any European country. Countries such as Canada, the USA, etc. permit students to take part-time jobs while studying and a full-time job during holidays.

This would allow the students to gain some working experience while also making money to care for accommodation, school fees, transportation, and feeding.

Top 20 Part-Time Jobs For Students 2020
part-time jobs

How To Find A Part-time Jobs

Getting a part-time job can be very easy, depending on which position you feel more comfortable doing. It is also an excellent way to build up your CV work experience and earn money. So many universities offer on-campus Jobs to students, which means you do not have to search very far for a job.

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It is always advisable to take up on-campus jobs as there are a lot of benefits attached to it. Working on campus saves you the hassle of moving from your hostel to your workplace. You also save yourself some cash too.

To get started, you can list your comfortable and favourite jobs on and off-campus. Then, apply for these jobs online or approach the employer in person; some prefer a one-on-one application/interview.

If you do not have much time to go around looking for a job, you can employ the services of a recruitment agency to make it simpler. You must try to find a job and apply on time because time is usually rare when combining school and work.

Find a job that offers you enough time for school and your studies, as it is your priority.

Top 20 Part-Time Jobs For Students 2020

The following are all part-time jobs that allow students to find a convenient time to work.

    1. Freelancer
      • Average Salary: $22.50 per hour
      • Description: As a freelancer, you have the flexibility to work on various projects such as writing, design, or coding. You can find freelance opportunities on websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.
    2. Personal Shopper
      • Average Salary: $21.62 per hour
      • Description: Personal shoppers assist clients with their shopping needs. Apply for personal shopper positions through platforms like Instacart or Shipt.
    3. Nanny
      • Average Salary: $15.29 per hour
      • Description: Nannies provide childcare services. You can find nanny job listings on websites like and Sittercity.
    4. Tour Guide
      • Average Salary: $14.45 per hour
      • Description: Tour guides lead visitors on tours to explore exciting places. Search for tour guide opportunities at local attractions or through travel companies.
    5. Bartender
      • Average Salary: $11.43 per hour
      • Description: Bartenders serve drinks and create a friendly atmosphere in bars and restaurants. Look for bartender positions on Indeed or by visiting local establishments.
    6. Parking Attendant
      • Average Salary: $10.43 per hour
      • Description: Parking attendants manage parking facilities. Check for openings at nearby parking lots or garages.
    7. Web Developer
      • Average Salary: $25.00 per hour
      • Description: Web developers create and maintain websites. Explore web developer job opportunities on websites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor.
    8. Blogging
      • Average Salary: $30.00 per hour
      • Description: Bloggers write and publish articles on various topics. Start your blog or look for paid blogging opportunities on websites like Problogger.
    9. Graphic Designer
      • Average Salary: $23.00 per hour
      • Description: Graphic designers create visual content. Find graphic design gigs on platforms like 99designs and Behance.
    10. Massage Therapist
      • Average Salary: $22.00 per hour
      • Description: Massage therapists offer relaxation and therapeutic massages. Look for massage therapist positions at local spas and wellness centers.
    11. Bookkeeper
      • Average Salary: $13.00 per hour
      • Description: Bookkeepers manage financial records. Search for bookkeeping jobs on job portals like Monster and CareerBuilder.
    12. Private Tutor
      • Average Salary: $11.00 per hour
      • Description: Private tutors provide academic support to students. Advertise your tutoring services on platforms like Wyzant and Chegg Tutors.
    13. General Office Clerk
      • Average Salary: $11.00 per hour
      • Description: Office clerks assist with administrative tasks. Check for office clerk positions on job search websites.
    14. Restaurant Host/Hostess
      • Average Salary: $14.00 per hour
      • Description: Hosts and hostesses welcome guests in restaurants. Apply for host/hostess roles directly at local restaurants.
    15. Warehouse Associate
      • Average Salary: $13.00 per hour
      • Description: Warehouse associates help with inventory and shipping. Look for warehouse positions on job boards like SimplyHired and ZipRecruiter.
    16. Delivery Driver
      • Average Salary: $15.00 per hour
      • Description: Delivery drivers transport goods to customers. Find delivery driver opportunities with companies like DoorDash and Uber Eats.
    17. Cleaner
      • Average Salary: $12.00 per hour
      • Description: Cleaners maintain cleanliness in various settings. Apply for cleaning jobs through local cleaning companies or online platforms.
    18. Home Chef
      • Average Salary: $14.00 per hour
      • Description: Home chefs prepare meals for clients. Promote your services locally or on platforms like Thumbtack.
    19. Virtual Assistant
      • Average Salary: $22.00 per hour
      • Description: Virtual assistants provide remote administrative support. Search for virtual assistant roles on job websites and freelancing platforms.
    20. IT Support Specialist
      • Average Salary: $26.00 per hour
      • Description: IT support specialists troubleshoot and resolve technical issues. Look for IT support positions on job portals like Dice and TechCareers.

    These part-time jobs options allow students to work around their schedules and earn extra income. You can start your job search by clicking on the provided links for each position.

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