Top 10 Richest Programmers in Nigeria in 2022

It is no longer news how fast technology is taking over the world. With the world becoming more and more digitized by the day, it is only safe to say that programmers have become the real OGs.

Programmers all around the world have unapologetically dominated the richest men chart, we know this because we have top applications that are being used by billions of people all around the world created by programmers and we’re talking Snapchat, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the list goes on.

Nigerian Programmers have been able to create for themselves a good ranking among other richest programmers all over the world through their great minds, and ideas. Today, we’ll be looking at the top 10 richest programmers in Nigeria


Top 10 richest programmers in Nigeria

  1. Oluwaseun Akinrinlola:

Oluwaseu Akinrinlola, a very brilliant mind, tops our chart on the list of richest programmers in Nigeria having made so much money from programming. He graduated from SMC University Zug, Switzerland. Very unique in his field and with his own ideas, he’s made a name for himself for being a highly result-oriented professional who’s got experience in Business rules extraction, Software/Application Development, Enhancement, and Support for over 9years.

Oluwaseun has worked as a Senior Software Developer at IQ systems solutions limited for almost 2years, also as a Senior Software Developer at Concept Nova for over 5years, he also worked as a Solution Developer at V2d convergence and also with FacultySTPL for another 2years and 1month. Oluwaseun currently works with First Bank as a Senior Software Developer.

He created a high-level Architecture used in developing Web-based e-CofO for Lagos State Government. He presently holds a Microsoft Professional Certificate.  Oluwaseun has definitely made waves in the programming world, and we can’t be far from the truth,  having him top the chart as one of the most successful programmers here in Nigeria.

  1. Prosper Otemuyiwa:
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Prosper Otemuyiwa is a Google Developer Expert, one of the very talented technology select few who google sought fit to bestow this honor. Prosper is the developer of the Laravel Hackathon Starter Pack, a package that was specially designed to aid beginners to learn programming quickly and with ease.

Prosper’s skill and talent have brought him recognition and a well-deserved rank as number two on the top trending chart of PHP developers in the world released by GitHub in 2016 beating Facebook.  He is practically a “legend” on Github, the online global developer code sharing repository and connection platform where he regularly contributes and has achieved global rankings.

Prosper has earned the right to enjoy a great level of financial freedom through his great works, consistency, and successes. Prosper has worked with some software startups from Anakel and Andela to his recent US employer (for whom he works remotely), but he has no interest in founding a startup of his own at this time.

  1. Daniel Okechukwu:

This young and talented programmer popularly known as DannyOkec is a Software Developer, AI and machine learning expert, and web developer. Daniel has contributed greatly to the digital world by creating forex trading bots and the virtual football automated betting software.

Daniel has also created other multiple platforms such as Land9ja, Car9ja, and 4Hire. He was ranked number 4 on the top trending chart of PHP developers in Nigeria.

Daniel’s successes and wealth in the world of programming have earned him the third most successful programmer on our chart. Learn More About Daniel Okechukwu Here

  1. Falade Gbenga:

Falade Gbenga is a software engineer who specializes in developing web applications with PHP. He has also authored several books on the subject, including “Building Dynamic Websites with PHP and MySQL” and “Building Secure PHP Applications.

He is a senior software developer at Access bank plc, ITANDT solutions limited, and Firstbank Nigeria.

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Gbenga has achieved significant success in his career and has worked with some of the world’s leading companies. He is currently a senior software engineer at PayPal, where he oversees the development of PayPal’s web applications.

  1. Ire Aderinokun:

The future is indeed female. Women are not left out in the great waves happening in the world of coding. 

Ire Aderinokun is a Nigerian Google developer expert who specializes in website designing. She is a software engineer and co-founder of Code Ignition, a Nigerian startup that specializes in developing mobile applications. She also contributes to several open-source projects.

Aderinokun is a senior software engineer at GoDaddy and has worked on several major projects for the company, a Ul designer, a Front-End Developer, and a Google expert in web technologies, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript specialist.  She is currently the head of design and product at Big Cabal, publishers of Big Cabal and Zikoko. Big Cabal is a media company based in Lagos, Nigeria, that is creating the best content for African audiences around the world. She is one of the only three Google developer experts in Nigeria and the only woman.  

  1. Makinwa Olubukola:  

Makinwa Olubukola is a software engineer and database administrator, who specializes in the development of web applications.

Olubukola has worked for companies such as Microsoft, PayPal, and the United Nations. She is the founder of Code for Africa, a non-profit organization seeking to increase computer programming access in African countries. Olubukola also serves on the board of directors for the Nigerian Coding Initiative, a non-profit organization that works to increase the number of women in computing.

  1. Obinwanne Hill: 

Obiwnanne is a graduate of Civil Engineering from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri. He is a professional in Web development, Web design (responsive web), web applications, and JavaScript.  Obiwanne Hill is the CEO and founder of ContentOmni and Restive (a development and ideation company that is working on a different principal concept and interface-friendly tools that help in making the web super-fast, contextual, and responsive). 

  1. Segun Famisa: 
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Segun, a graduate of electronic and electrical Engineering from Obafemi Awolowo University is a software engineer who develops Android applications, and programs with Kotlin, java, python, and also into robotics.

He is also the founder of a company called CodeMate, which specializes in software development and software engineering services. He has worked with companies such as Samsung, IBM, and Microsoft. Segun’s skills and ability have also fetched him so much money along the path, placing him as number 8 on this chart.

  1. Miriam Wampana: 

Miriam is a graduate of the University of Plymouth where she studied computer science. Miriam Wampana is currently working as a senior software developer at the American University of Nigeria. She is an expert programmer as she develops web and mobile applications, web development, web design, PHP, PYTHON, JavaScript, etc.  She has worked in different capacities before now, some of those are ICT support officers at Abuja Technology Village and senior software developer at the American University of Nigeria. 

  1. Olalekan Eyiowuawi

Olalekan obtained his Bachelor’s degree from the Federal University of  Abeokuta where he studied Computer science.  He is currently a software engineer with the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology. Olalekan has experience in developing Java, C++, Objective-C, and Python applications. He has also worked as a software engineer for the Federal Ministry of Defence. He is also known for his incredible ability to design and create mobile apps.

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