Tanimu Akawu Biography, Age, Family, Businesses, Net Worth

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Tanimu Akawu isn’t just a name in the Hausa movie industry; he’s a veteran, a force to be reckoned with. As one of the most successful actors, he proudly wears the crown as the face of entertainment in his realm.

Tanimu Akawu Biography, Age, Family, Businesses, Net Worth

Tanimu Akawu is a big shot in the Hausa movie world. He’s a successful actor and basically the face of entertainment in the industry.

Why is he so famous, you ask? Well, he became a big deal by being the bad guy in a bunch of movies. People are wondering if that’s how he is in real life.

Tanimu Akawu is a super talented actor from Jos, Plateau state. He grew up there, and his real name is Mohammed Tanimu. But folks know him as Alhaji-Alhaji. He also mentioned that his late grandpa called him Akamu.

Now, about him playing the villain all the time, he had something to say. In an interview, he made it clear he’s not a bad dude. He got into acting in Hausa films thinking it’s a cool job. Never expected to become a star so fast.

He said those villain roles are just work, not his real deal. He wants people to get that there are some not-so-nice folks out there, and movies should show that. It’s like teaching and sending messages, you know?

Besides being the bad guy, he’s played other roles, like an infidel. But he’s quick to say, don’t think that’s really him.

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At home, he’s all about discipline. He loves his acting gig a lot and is happy with most of the roles he’s taken on.

He’s been in a bunch of Hausa movies like Jarumin Maza and Dan Fari, where he got his nickname Alhaji-Alhaji. Oh, and he’s bagged some nominations and awards, like the 2013 MTN Kannywood Awards for Best Villain in the movie “Jarumin Maza.”

And get this, his acting role model is Bashir Nayaya, and he thought the late Balaraba Mohammed was the best female actress. Cool, right?

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Cinematic Odyssey: Awards and Recognition

His filmography is rich with titles like “Jarumin Maza” and “Dan Fari,” earning him the moniker Alhaji-Alhaji. Not just a performer, Tanimu Akawu boasts nominations and the 2013 MTN Kannywood Award for Best Villain of the Year, thanks to his compelling role in “Jarumin Maza.”

Inspirations in the Limelight

Bashir Nayaya, a male acting luminary, stands as Tanimu’s role model, while the late Balaraba Mohammed holds the title of his cherished female actress.



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