Study In Germany: How to Open A Student Block Account For Germany Student Visa

If you must study in Germany an international student, you must have proof of your financial capabilities to fund your studies while in the country for at least a year.

The only way the German officials demand that you prove this is by creating an account in which you will be required to put some amount of money to take care of your studies and fees.

For your to successfully achieve your dreams of studying in Germany you need basically two things which are; An Admission letter from a university in Germany and then you need a visa to actually complete your transition to Germany.

What is a Block Account?

So we explained the importance of opening an account with some amount in it that proves to the German officials that you are able to take care of yourself while studying in Germany.

This account is called a Block account and you are required to put the sum of 8,640 Euro’s which would take care of your expense for a year. The Blocked account is a very important requirement when you are applying for a Visa and then provides you a Germany account for your expenses.

To get this account, you can go to the bank and inquire or you can go to the German embassy or console and you need to do this at least 30 days after your admission.

How to Get A Block Account using a bank

Find a bank in your country that would be able to open a German account for you from your country.

Go to the bank with all the needed documents for account opening such as your passport, admission letter and a substantial sum of 1,000 Euro.

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After opening the account, you will receive a confirmation from both your bank and the Germany bank telling you that your account has been successfully opened.

It usually takes about 2 weeks or more but when you receive the confirmation, you will have to go to the bank with the 8,640 euros or more to the bank and deposit the money.

After the bank must have sent the money to the bank in Germany, you will have to wait for about a week or so to receive confirmation from the German bank by email or mail, so you should ensure that all the contact information you provided is correct.

How to Get A Block Account using Germany Embassy

The first step is to send an email to the Germany consulates and book an appointment. You can do this when you are sure of admission.

Print a Germany bank application form and a passport. Don’t fill out the form just yet.

Also, you will need to go with 30 euros, an admission letter, a passport photo, an appointment letter. Two passport size photos.

After filling all this and presenting the documents with your correct contact details, you will have to wait for an email from the bank in Germany to confirm your account has been created.

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