Study And Work In Germany After Graduation

As a student in Germany, you are allowed to work, but not beyond the stipulated days and hours. Students who feel the need to work are usually allowed 120 days for full-time jobs and 240 days for part-time jobs in a year. You are also allowed to work for at most 20 hours every to help cover your living costs.

Some students during their program study in Germany takes up extra classes in their schools to learn the German language. This is very important for you as a student, no employer in Germany is ready to employ anyone who is not proficient in spoken Germany or at least the basics.

In order to get any kind of job in Germany either part-time or full-time as a student, you must be able to communicate in the German language. All your courses in Germany are thought in English, but If you are able to communicate well in Germany, it would be of immense help to you especially if you want to remain in Germany after you graduate.

When you complete your course program, your study or student visa automatically expires. As a German graduate, you could apply for an 18 months’ extension. Within the 18 months given to you, you may continue with your part-time job which should be enough to cover for your living cost while you search for a permanent Job.

When you eventually get a permanent job, within the 18 months given you will be eligible to apply for a Part-time or temporary residency or an EU residence permit. A Part-time residence permit allows you to only work in Germany while an EU Blue Card allows you to work and live in other EU countries including Germany.

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Requirement to apply for an EU Blue Card or Part-time Residence Permit.

  • You must be proficient in the spoken German language.
  • Have Germany work experience
  • Currently, be residing in Germany
  • Have a permanent job in Germany

The permanent Job must be related to your field of study. This means if you studied Engineering, the permanent job you should acquire must be in that field. When you have worked for two years, you will be eligible to apply for a permanent residence permit in Germany.

If you work for eight years as a permanent resident in Germany, pay you tax complete, know the German spoken language, you can apply for citizenship.

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