Study Abroad: Top Benefits For Studying In Germany

Studying abroad has become a trend in the present day. So many students want to study in foreign countries because they want to get the very best of education, look for better opportunities, or maybe just for the beauty of it.

Whatever the reason, if you must study abroad, you have selected the best countries, good and affordable schools, and schools that accept more international students.

One of the top countries for international students to study in Germany. Germany is the third most preferred destination for international students and it is just behind top countries like the U.S. and Canada who occupy the first and second positions respectively.

There are many benefits for international students studying abroad, one of many reasons is “To have a top-class education”. For the purpose of this article, we will focus on the top benefits of studying in Germany.

Reasons For Studying In Germany

Germany has some of the top-class institutions

Germany has some of the best technical, medical and management institutions in the world, and the backbone for its academic system is practice. The school system teaches students to apply everything they learn in practice.

No Tuition Fee

There is free tuition for both local and international students who are studying in the public schools in Germany. The government of Germany subsidizes tuition fees for all undergraduate and postgraduate students studying in Germany whether or not you are from Germany.

The free tuition fee does not cover other fees that you will be required to pay. You will pay other fees such as administration fees, enrolment, and contributions. Some of the Universities and higher institutions charge about 500 to 600 Euro per semester to cover these costs.

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Cheaper Living Cost

students studying in Germany pay a relatively low sum of money for both their accommodation, feeding and other living costs. Depending on which city you are residing, your living cost for a month can go between 700 to 800 euros.

One of the requirements for international students to study in Germany is that students must show or proof that they have enough cash to cover their living expenses at least for one year.

Now, if you sum the total living expenses per month you should a total of 8,000 to 9,000 euros per year. This might seem huge for you but then it is the cheapest compared to other countries like the U.S.; where students are to show a whopping $21,000 to $25,000 as living expenses.

Work Opportunity

International students in Germany are handed many opportunities to work while they study. Students who feel the need to work are usually allowed 120 days for full-time jobs and 240 days for part-time jobs in a year.

When coming to Germany you will have to apply for a National visa. Once you have this visa, you are automatically allowed to work for 20 hours every week and full-time during the holiday period. You may also be required to be proficient in spoken German.

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