New Technology Addresses Slow Wi-Fi and Exposes Internet Service Providers Who Act Greedily New Technology Addresses Slow Wi-Fi and Exposes Internet service providers who act greedily

It’s likely that you’re being taken advantage of if you’re reading this on a computer or other device that is connected to your home Wi-Fi network.

The writer, Sammy Holland (testimonial), explained how his internet service providers (ISP) have been ripping him off.

If you are a victim of this and want to upgrade or restore your internet speed then you should read this till the end.

You must agree with me that there is nothing more frustrating than having a slow internet connection, especially when working from home and needing to access your email quickly and stay in touch with your coworkers all day long. not to mention the number of downloads and websites you have to visit.

So, according to him (Sammy Holland), after a complaint with his ISP, they sent him a technician to check his WiFi 15 days after the complaint.

After a friendly conversation with the technician and some curious questions looking for an answer to his problems, the technician told him that the issue was the router’s throttling, and he added that you get the speeds you requested when you sign up. At first. But eventually, they limit the router’s bandwidth. It will indicate that you are still current because the internet connection to your home hasn’t changed. However, the router’s output isn’t what it once was. He further explained that It’s just a little game for them, “Your internet now seems to be moving more slowly, but you can’t truly demonstrate this. You likely only need to ‘upgrade’ to the next package since the figures appear to be satisfactory. Which is obviously more expensive.

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And according to the writer, the technician then left for the truck and came back carrying a tiny white gadget. He dusted off his hands and plugged them into the outlet while grinning and saying, “Watch this.”

He told him that was a WiFiBlast. Your router’s divided channels are reconnected, and it broadcasts over the entire house. You won’t have any problems with speeding up anymore, believe me.

The solution to router throttling is WiFiBlast. It is the only router available that the ISPs cannot access. They cannot, in other words, meddle with it.


WiFiBlast is used to increase speeds while extending the WiFi range, so your connection is faster than before and covers a wider area than ever. It works well in ranch-style homes or multi-story homes where the router might be kept in the basement and has trouble reaching from one side of the house to the other.
Additionally, it is compatible with any modem and ISP. 

At last, a chance to avenge those pickpockets! And rest easy—entirely it’s legal.

How does it work?

I know this is getting a bit technical, but please bear with me.

The amount of internet that flows through your modem or router from the wire is measured in “bandwidth.” It essentially serves as a gauge for internet speed. As previously discussed, ISPs limit this capacity. It turns out that there is a great deal of disagreement about it (really, I had to check it up!). In an effort to raise the amount, you pay them.

On the other hand, the WiFiBlast avoids this throttling by maintaining the maximum bandwidth. and ISPs are unable to interfere with it. Do you adhere to me? Good. In essence, it’s your present internet service that has been improved.

It’s a really clever little thing.

How can you tell whether you require the WiFiBlast?

The quick answer is that you require it if you reside in the UK. In fact, a recent poll revealed that 87% of UK citizens are dissatisfied with their internet service provider, and it’s simple to understand why.

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Every ISP throttles its users… And now that the WiFiBlast is available, millions of people in the UK are finally taking action.

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Throttling of WiFi symptoms

  • In certain rooms, the WiFi is slow
  • Some gadgets are unable to connect to WiFi (This is a BIG indicator)
  • Random connection disconnections
  • Dead zones exist in the home, and WiFi networks completely disappear and resurface.
  • Streaming videos slowly (YouTube, Netflix, etc.)
  • Jerky online game performance

Now… Millions of people in the UK are Fighting Back with the WiFiBlast!

The WiFiBlast has been continuously selling out ever since its public debut! Every time they have some on hand, it sells out immediately! Instagram is being used to spread the word…

What people are saying

A testimonial is reviewed, slightly (edited for clarity) “I felt obliged to write a review since there are some bad reviews of this product.” Full disclosure, I’ve been in IT for 25 years, so I generally know my way around technology. I base my ‘ease of setup’ on if I would be able to walk my mother-in-law through the setup over the phone. This product is brain-dead simple to configure and get going.

Regarding the range-extending capabilities, our three-story house’s second floor serves as my entry point (3200 square feet). In order to improve wifi access to the TV and family room, an extension was installed on the first level. I tested the speed of my laptop. It had a down/up speed of 50 MB/s MBs before the WiFiBlast. The laptop received 150 Mbps/30 Mbps using WiFiBlast.

To install it in the master bedroom, I’ll be getting a second WiFiBlast. “Even if the speed isn’t necessary, the geek in me can’t resist a quicker connection for the low price of this item.

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Here are a few proofs and some before and after photo to prove that this gadget really live up to its hype

Email – Instantaneous loading times. They would take a while to load before I plugged in the WiFiBlast, though. They then loaded as quickly as I could flex my fingers.

Website browsing: As soon as I clicked on a link, the website loaded. It simply seemed to go so much more quickly; I thought I was in the future.

Netflix and YouTube both had zero buffering. Seeing the tiny loading icon appear before the actual “play” icon is so wonderful.

Find out more about this live serving device at


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