NPC Recruiting Portal for 2023/2024 Is Now Open

The National Population Commission (NPC) Recruiting Portal for 2023/2024 is accessible to interested candidates who want to settle as a Recruit person, either a man or a female. Anyone who is interested in applying for a position with the NPC Recruitment Portal would be wise to submit their application electronically, as this is the preferred method.

Additionally, there will be a recruitment drive that seeks one million applicants, and there will be a start to training exercises. Please be aware that the application deadline has not yet been established. For the purpose of conducting an internal review of the recruiting procedure, the electronic recruitment site will be temporarily unavailable to users.
Anybody interested in applying to the Nigerian Population Portal in 2023 will likely benefit from reading this article to ensure they don’t make any obvious mistakes.

The NPC Recruiting Portal’s General Eligibility Requirements

It’s vital to check the NPC Recruiting requirements and prerequisites before submitting an online application.

The following is a list of the requirements and qualifications for available positions at NPC:

  1. The Commission has said that in order to apply for this position, you must have a bachelor’s degree in science at the very least.
  2. Even though having a master’s degree or doctorate degree is not required, having one will put you at a significant advantage in the workforce. According to what officials with the National Population Recruitment 2023 program have revealed.
  3. Fieldwork makes up the majority of the jobs that are currently available. This would imply that candidates would be constantly traveling from one location to another in order to collect Census data.
  4. In addition to having excellent English skills, the NPC website also showed that.
  5. Applicant requirements include fluency in English and at least one indigenous Nigerian language (
  6. Because you will be interacting with people from a variety of different backgrounds who hold a variety of different views and ideologies, having excellent interpersonal skills is absolutely necessary.
  7. It would be really helpful if you could provide a copy of the discharge certificate you received from NYSC.
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Additional Need for E-Recruitment in the NPC

Before you go ahead and submit your application online, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • The candidate is required to have a working knowledge of computers.
  • The ability to communicate well in English is required.
  • Have legible handwriting and a National Identification Card that is currently active in your name
  • Must have a good command of the written word.

The total amount of NPC Adhoc Staff that needs to be Recruited

According to the announcement made by the federal government, there are openings for the recruitment of more than 25 million staff members for the upcoming NPC Ahdoc population census.

Duties and Responsibilities of the National Population Commission (NPC) Recruiting Staff

The collation, indexing, and computation of Nigeria’s population are all tasks that are performed by their staff.
Maintain an accurate record.

How Can I Apply for Open Positions on the NPC Recruiting Portal?

  • To begin, you should check out the Application Portal.
  • Candidates are required to have the following. To confirm that you have read the instructions, check each box.
  • Following that, choose the continue option.
  • Just clicking the checkbox indicates that you have read, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • After that, choose the continue tab.
  • Fill in your NIN number and then click the Verify button.

Process for Screening Applicants to the NPC Recruiting Program

  • The Credentials, papers (School Certificates), and picture passports of candidates would be reviewed and screened by a team responsible for the recruitment process.
  • The site would be used to undertake the first stage of screening, which would consist of filtering the applications based on the conditions that were provided.
  • In the LGA’s approved centers, individuals would be subjected to a physical screening.
  • The following individuals make up the LRRT: the LGA Comptroller Chairman, One NPC Desk Officer Secretary, and Designated LGA Staff
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You Should Note That:

  • Importantly, make sure that you carefully follow the application process and fill out all of the correct details.
  • Be careful to only provide the National Population Commission (NPC) Adhoc Staff recruiting team credentials that have been authenticated and checked thoroughly.
  • The National Population Commission (NPC) does not charge applicants any fees whatsoever.
  • Check to ensure that all of the information you put in is accurate..

About the National Population Commission (NPC)

The National Population Commission is an agency of the Federal Government of Nigeria that is responsible for the compilation, indexing, and calculation of the country’s population statistics. They accomplish these goals by carrying out a census across the nation.

Since the passage of time continues to quicken, there has recently been a clamor in Nigeria for an additional Census to be carried out.

This has resulted in the Commission establishing the NPC recruiting site, where Nigerians who are interested in the position and meet the requirements may submit their applications.

The deadline for NPC applications

There is no indication of when the registration form must be submitted. Please keep this page bookmarked to check for any new information or developments, and be assured that we will keep you updated.

We appreciate you continuing to follow along with us on the NPC Recruitment Portal. To learn more about the application process, click here.

Caution to Applicants for the NPC Recruiting Position

It is essential to be aware that any and all Applications of NPC found on social media are considered to be false and also a scam.
Do not visit the URL that has been shared on Facebook or WhatsApp; do not click on it either.
Also, under no circumstances should you give money to a person in order to complete an online application.
NPC will not be held liable for any dishonest or fraudulent behavior.

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Website of the National Population Commission (NPC)


  • Candidates need to have qualifications that are pertinent to the position.
  • From time to time, the e-recruitment portal will experience a temporary shutdown of its systems in order to facilitate an internal review of the recruitment process.
  • The application doesn’t cost anything. Be wary of Con Artists on the Internet!

Date of the NPC Screening

The screening Date will begin on March 11 and continue until April 21 in the year 2023. Be sure to jot down the dates.

  1. Initial phase of training for supervisors and enumerators on house numbering and house listing will take place from March 31st to April 6th, 2023, according to the NPC Adhoc Census Training Schedule.
  1. April 7 – 25, 2023 – (RAMADAN BREAK)
  2. The phase of Supervision and Enumerators Training on the Enumeration of Persons will take place from April 26-30, 2023.
  3. The first day of May in 2023 is Census Eve (Night)
  4. The actual Census will take place on May 2-7, 2023
  5. Final Count and Cleanup of the Enumeration, May 8-12, 2023 (in case of extra large Enumeration areas)

Notification to All Applicants Who May Be Eligible

All Applicants who have their applications successfully accepted will get an invitation message including information about their training location prior to the day on which they are required to report for training.

Check back frequently to see if any new information has been added or if the date has been moved; if so, we will let you know.


Do not provide money to anybody who asks you to pay a certain sum, and do not let yourself be taken advantage of.

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