Mia Isaac Biography, Age, Family, Education, Career, Net Worth

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Meet the dynamic and exceptionally talented American actress, writer, and director, Mia Wei-Ming Isaac. Born on May 24, 2004, in the heart of the United States, Mia has become a household name, renowned for her outstanding acting prowess and innate talent. Her breakthrough moment arrived in 2019 when she secured a pivotal role in the movie “Lovestruck,” where she flawlessly portrayed the character of Claire. Since then, Mia has graced the screens in various movies and TV series, including notable titles like “Don’t Make Me Go,” “Not Okay,” and “Black Cake.”

Let’s delve into the details of Mia Isaac’s captivating biography, exploring her early life, family, personal life, and more.

Mia Isaac Biography and Early Life

Mia Isaac, born to the proud parents Alfredo and Simone Isaac, is accompanied by two siblings, Nylah and Zion Isaac. Her rich ethnic background includes African-American and Asian roots. Mia pursued her high school education at Grady High School, setting the stage for her journey into the entertainment world.

Entertainment Career

Mia Isaac’s journey into the limelight commenced with her debut screen role in the TV movie “Lovestruck” (2019) as the memorable Claire. Her foray into the industry continued with standout performances in short films such as “The Quaranteens” (2020) and “The Cancel Club” (2020), where she not only showcased her acting prowess but also demonstrated her writing skills in the latter. Taking her creative talents further, Mia ventured into directing with the film “You Could Have Done Better” (2021), where she also served as a writer. The pinnacle of her career so far came with the role of Wally Park in the 2022 film “Don’t Make Me Go,” solidifying her status in Hollywood. Her screen presence extended to the TV series “Black Cake,” where she portrayed Covey, and the 2022 film “Not Okay,” where she played Rowan.

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Mia Isaac Movies

Mia Isaac has graced the screen in several noteworthy productions, including:

  • Don’t Make Me Go (2022)
  • Not Okay (2022)
  • Black Cake (TV Series, 2022)
  • Lovestruck (TV Movie, 2019)
  • The Cancel Club (Short, 2020)
  • The Quaranteens (Short, 2020)
  • You Could Have Done Better (Short, 2021)

Personal Life

Mia Isaac, at the age of 19, is focused on her rising career and is believed to be single. With no mentions of past relationships or boyfriends, she remains dedicated to her craft, leaving fans curious about her personal life.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Mia Isaac’s estimated net worth stands close to an impressive $1 million. While her annual compensation is yet to be disclosed, her financial success mirrors the heights she has reached in the entertainment industry.

Social Media Handles

Connect with the vibrant Mia Isaac on social media:

  • Instagram: @MiawIsaac
  • Twitter: @Miaisaac5

Embark on Mia Isaac’s journey through her captivating performances and stay tuned for the promising chapters yet to unfold in her illustrious career.



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