Lynda Amobi Biography: 5 Facts About Late Saint Obi\’s Estranged Wife

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In the midst of the news surrounding the passing of Nollywood icon Saint Obi, attention has turned to his estranged wife, Lynda Amobi. While Saint Obi was known for keeping his personal life private, here are some fascinating facts about Lynda Amobi:

  1. Telecommunications Expertise:
    • Lynda Amobi boasts an impressive career in the telecommunications sector, accumulating over 22 years of valuable experience.
    • She currently holds the position of Chief Enterprise Business Officer at MTN Nigeria PLC, showcasing her expertise in the tech-commercial domain.
  2. Board Membership:
    • In addition to her role at MTN Nigeria PLC, Lynda Amobi is a Board member of MTN Guinea Bissau. This reflects her involvement in strategic decision-making within the telecommunications industry.
  3. Professional Impact:
    • Lynda’s professional journey includes notable contributions to the telecommunications landscape. She served on the Presidential Committee for Broadband Development in Nigeria, emphasizing her commitment to national technological advancement.
    • Her involvement extended to the Committee for Policy and operating framework development, playing a pivotal role in shaping the deregulation of the Nigerian Telecoms industry.
  4. Chief Technology Officer Role:
    • From 2011 to 2016, Lynda held the position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at MTN Nigeria. In this capacity, she spearheaded the development and execution of MTN Nigeria’s Technology Strategy.
    • Her responsibilities encompassed the design and planning of MTN’s network operations, overseeing network rollout schedules, and managing the development and maintenance of technology infrastructure.
  5. Personal Life:
    • Beyond her professional achievements, Lynda Amobi’s personal life has also drawn public interest. Formerly known as Lynda Saint-Nwafor, she was married to Saint Obi, the late Nollywood actor.
    • The union between Lynda and Saint Obi was blessed with three children. However, the couple eventually separated amid reports of domestic violence and irreconcilable differences.
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As news of Saint Obi’s demise reverberates, Lynda Amobi stands as a testament to professional excellence in the telecommunications industry. Her commitment to advancing technology in Nigeria, coupled with her personal journey, reflects a woman of resilience and determination.



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