Job Vacancy in Canada for Light-Duty Cleaners | How to Immigrate to Canada as a Light-Duty Cleaners

Light-Duty Cleaners

Light-Duty Cleaners may not seem much, especially when you think about the salary. In Canada however, it is a different case. Light-duty cleaners cost a lot of money since they are on high-demand. Cleaning companies are in-demand in Canada. So many cleaning companies are also employing so many local and foreign workers to help handle the massive request for cleaners. This means you get the opportunity to earn more.

Thousands of Light duty cleaners, just like you, are relocating to Canada. Learn how to join them. More light duty cleaners are urgently needed in Canada. If you want to work as a light duty cleaner in Canada, you can get all the information you need right here.

What is it light-duty cleaners do?

  • Cleaning Lobbies, corridors, offices, and rooms at hotels, motels, resorts, hospitals, schools, business buildings, and private houses are all duties of a  light-duty cleaners.
  • Furthermore, they are often in charge of cleaning activities in specific building areas, such as dusting, mopping classrooms and general spaces, cleaning trash receptacles, and vacuuming carpets, among other things.
  • A light-duty cleaner can operate in a variety of settings, including hotels, motels, resorts, recreational facilities, hospitals, property management firms, cleaning service organizations, and private people.
  • Respond to any customer complaints or concerns.
  • sanitary showers and changing rooms
  • Window, wall, and ceiling cleaning
  • Empty trash cans and remove waste.
  • Provide basic facility details.
  • Respond to guests’ requests for additional supplies or merchandise.
  • Handle and report lost and found items
  • Elevators should be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.
  • As needed, disinfect operating rooms and other areas.
  • Kitchen and bathroom fixtures and appliances should be cleaned, disinfected, and polished.
  • Sort through your linen closet.
  • Towels and toiletries should be provided.
  • Make your beds and change your sheets.
  • As needed, vacuum carpets, area rugs, curtains, and upholstered furniture.
  • Furniture must be dusted.
  • Floors should be cleaned, mopped, washed, and shined on a regular basis.
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Jobs in Canada You Can Do As a Light Duty Cleaner

  • Airport cleaner
  • Building cleaner
  • Hotel cleaner
  • Char worker
  • Cleaner
  • Domestic maid – cleaning services
  • Environmental service worker (ESW) – hospital
  • Floor sweeper/ cleaner
  • Housekeeping room attendant
  • Guest home cleaner
  • Hall cleaner
  • Home Cleaner
  • Hospital cleaner
  • House cleaner
  • Housekeeping attendant
  • Housemaid – cleaning services
  • Light-duty cleaner
  • Lodge cleaner
  • Maid-cleaning services
  • Motel cleaner
  • Nursing home cleaner
  • Office building cleaner
  • Residential boarding-home cleaner
  • Rest home cleaner
  • Room cleaner
  • Student residence cleanerSweeper
  • Tourist camp cleaner
  • Wall washer
  • Washroom cleaner etc.

Current Active Jobs You Can Apply for In Canada Now!

light duty cleaner Job Vacancy in Yuton

  • Painter Needed at Clean and Green Janitorial Services in Whitehorse, YT
  • $23.75 to $25.00 hourly for 40 hours per week
  • Flexibility: Evening, Night, Weekend, Shift, Flexible Hours
  • You should have a Work Permit in Canada before you apply for this job.
  • You can read more about the company Here
  • Applicants are to apply via email at

cleaner, light duty Job Vacancy in Regina, SK

  • Painter Needed at Clean and Green Janitorial Services in Regina, SK
  • $18.00 hourly for 40 hours per week
  • Flexibility: Day, Evening, Night, Weekend, Shift, Flexible Hours
  • You should have a Work Permit in Canada before you apply for this job.
  • You can read more about the company Here
  • Applicants are to apply via

light duty cleaner Job Vacancy in Yuton

  • Painter Needed at Fil-Can Cleaners Inc. in Whitehorse, YT
  • $18.00 hourly for 40 hours per week
  • Flexibility: Day, Evening, Night, Weekend, Shift, Flexible Hours
  • You should have a Work Permit in Canada before you apply for this job.
  • You can read more about the company Here
  • Applicants are to apply via email at

How to Get a Work Permit As A Painter in Canada

Light-Duty Cleaners
Light-Duty Cleaners

Get a Job Offer

Before you may submit an application for a work visa, you must have a legitimate employment offer from Canada. Depending on the kind of Canadian work visa you are eligible for, the kind of employment offer you receive in Canada will vary.

For instance, if you have a job offer as a farmworker, you can apply through the Agriculture Worker Stream of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program to get an employer-specific work visa.

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As another instance, if you’ve been offered a job in a highly skilled tech field, you can be eligible for a work visa through the Global Talent Stream and have access to 2-week visa processing!

Ensure Your Employer is Eligible to Employ You

Most likely, a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) will be required to support your Canadian employment offer in order for it to be accepted when you apply for a Canadian work visa. This is due to the fact that most work permit programmes that let foreigners to temporarily reside and work in Canada typically call for an LMIA.

Submit Your Application Online or to An Embassy Near You

After obtaining a letter for a Job offer to work in Canada, then it’s time to submit an application for a work visa to a Canadian Embassy in your country. While some applicants may be permitted to obtain a work  permit at the Canadian border, many others are required to obtain a work visa from their country.

Steps to becoming a painter in Canada

It will be simple for you to come to Canada as a painter if you understand the procedures. As a result, the guidelines below will help you through the process of applying to come to Canada as a painter.

  1. The first step is to determine whether you are eligible for Canada’s express entry programme.
  2. Second, you must create an express entry profile account and upload the needed express entry papers to your profile online.
  3. Third, as soon as you receive an Invitation to Apply, you must apply for a work visa in Canada (ITA).
  4. Then, within sixty days, you must submit your application.
  5. Following that, you must wait for your application to be granted or denied. This usually takes six months.
  6. If your application is approved, you may begin planning your move to Canada as a painter.

Routes for painters to come to Canada

You can use one of the several route programmes to come to Canada as a painter. This route offers the following five options:

Express Entry

The most popular and straightforward option for painters to come to Canada is through this route. Additionally, the express entry programme is subsumed by three additional programmes. And under it, each of these three programmes has requirements.

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However, whichever programme you select from the three offered in this entry, you must fulfil the conditions for that programme.

Check to see if you fulfill the programme criteria before choosing any programme. The three programmes included in the express entry system are as follows:

  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canada Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program

Provincial Nominees Program

Another fantastic option for those looking to immigrate to Canada is the PNP programme. The Provincial Nominee Program is unique to each Canadian province. Each Canadian province’s provincial government is in charge of managing it.

You may therefore submit an application for this programme provided you satisfy the conditions. You must be prepared to reside and work in the province that is nominating you, though.

Job offer

While moving to Canada as a painter may not be simple, it is possible if you have a legitimate employment offer. However, there are a few requirements your company must meet before you can take this option.

  • The Canadian employer must first get authorization from the LMIA.
  • The second need is for the business to demonstrate why you are the best applicant.
  • You must also fulfill all qualifications for the position.

Quebec Experience Class

If you want to live in Quebec, you may also come to Canada through this route as a painter.

In light of this, this programme is suited to you if you want to live and work in Quebec.

Pilot Program for Rural and Northern Immigration

Because light duty cleaners are in high demand, you may be able to immigrate to Canada under the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program (RNIP). The pilot initiative now has 11 cities signed up to participate. To be considered qualified to apply for Canadian permanent residency through the RNIP, you must have a legitimate work offer in one of the participating towns.


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