Igwe Credo Mbem Biography, Age, Family, Education, Career, Net Worth

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In the vibrant tapestry of Nigeria’s music scene emerges Igwe Credo Mbem, a dynamic Igbo performer, singer, and the manager behind the innovative Ojapiano sound created by Ojazzy Igbonile. Widely known as AKA JI OFOR AROBINAGU NWA NRI, he proudly serves as the custodian of Igbo native culture. His Facebook page stands as a testament to his commitment, actively promoting Igbo culture and music.

Igwe Credo Biography and Early Life

Born on 2nd March in Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria, Igwe Credo Mbem is the second child of trading parents. His educational journey led him through St. John’s Primary School and St. Paul’s Secondary School in Awka, where the seeds of his passion for music and performance were sown. Igwe Credo mastered the flute, guitar, and keyboard under the guidance of his uncle, a music teacher. His involvement in the school’s cultural troupe and exposure to Igbo music legends like Osita Osadebe and Oliver De Coque fueled his artistic aspirations.

Entertainment Career

Igwe Credo’s artistic journey commenced as a street performer, sharing his musical talents for tips. In 2019, a serendipitous encounter with Ojazzy Igbonile, a fellow flutist, set the stage for a transformative collaboration. Taking Ojapiano from the streets to social media platforms, they garnered attention, eventually catching the eye of KCee from 5 Star Music. The release of the chart-topping Ojapiano in 2020 marked a significant milestone, but controversy ensued as Igwe Credo and Ojazzy alleged financial exploitation and intimidation by KCee and 5 Star Music. Legal battles persist as they demand rightful recognition and compensation for their contributions.

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Beyond the Ojapiano phenomenon, Igwe Credo has asserted his individuality in the music scene with tracks like “Mbem,” “Hero Beer,” and “Igbo Kwenu.” Collaborations with artists like Shuga Khrizz, Zoro, and Slowdog showcase his versatility. Recognitions, including awards for Best Igbo Performer, Best New Act, and Best Collaboration, highlight his impact.

Personal Life

In his personal life, Igwe Credo Mbem radiates joy in his marital bliss, frequently sharing moments with his beautiful wife on Facebook, especially during special occasions and anniversaries.

Net Worth

With an estimated net worth of around $100,000, Igwe Credo’s financial success spans music sales, streams, downloads, shows, endorsements, and diversified business ventures. A proud homeowner in Awka with a notable car, he has investments in real estate and agriculture. Positioned as one of the burgeoning stars in Nigeria’s music industry, Igwe Credo Mbem stands poised for a luminous future.

In an industry often fraught with challenges, Igwe Credo Mbem continues to assert his place, not just as an artist but as a resilient advocate for Igbo culture and fair treatment in the world of music. His journey unfolds, promising more musical ingenuity and impactful contributions.



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