How to Find a Sponsor in the U.K. 


The Register of Licensed Sponsors, previously known as the Tier 2 sponsor list, is a public list of all UK organizations holding valid sponsorship licenses.

The Home Office maintains the sponsorship list to identify all employers requiring permission to employ sponsored workers under routes such as the Skilled Worker visa and other temporary work visas. There are currently over 32,000 organizations on the list.

Using the sponsor license list to find a sponsor

The Register of Licenced Sponsors is an extremely helpful tool for workers looking to find visa sponsorship in the UK.

Before you can apply for a UK sponsorship visa, you must be sponsored by a qualifying UK employer. The sponsor license allows the organization to issue you a Certificate of Sponsorship which you will need to apply to the Home Office for your visa.

The Home Office sponsor list identifies each organization’s full name and address, which you can use to search by region.

As well as company details and address, the sponsor list also includes the type of license the organization has – Worker and/or Temporary Worker license – as well as the visa routes it is permitted to sponsor under, such as:

  • Skilled Worker
  • Global Business Mobility: Senior or Specialist Worker
  • Global Business Mobility: UK Expansion Worker
  • Global Business Mobility: Secondment Worker
  • Scale Up
  • Creative Worker
  • Religious Worker
  • Government Authorised Exchange
  • Minister of Religion
  • Global Business Mobility: Graduate Trainee
  • International Sportsperson
  • Charity Worker
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What does the sponsorship rating mean?

When a company’s sponsorship license is approved, they are issued an A-rated sponsor license. They are then permitted to issue Certificates of Sponsorship and hire eligible migrant workers.

The sponsorship rating can, however, be downgraded to a B-rating as a penalty if the Home Office finds the company has breached its sponsor license compliance duties.

B-rated companies are not permitted to issue new Certificates of Sponsorship until they are upgraded back to an A-rating by the Home Office. Upgrades are only given where the company can show they have corrected and improved the issues which resulted in the downgrade.

As such, you will not be able to take up new employment and sponsorship by a company with a B-rated license – unless and until they can achieve an upgrade back to the A-rating.

Companies not on the sponsor list 

A company may start the recruitment process for a role without being on the sponsor list. Still, they will need to apply for a sponsor license and be listed on the Register of Sponsors before they can issue the Certificate of Sponsorship to a migrant worker.

Job eligibility

Finding a sponsor is only part of the process. The job on offer must also meet the requirements of the visa route you are applying under.

For example, if you are applying as a Skilled Worker, the role must require a skill level of RQ3 or above, pay at least the minimum salary, and be listed on the eligible occupations list.

Applying for a sponsorship visa

To apply for a UK sponsorship visa, you will need to meet the visa criteria and follow the correct application steps.

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The Skilled Worker visa is the most common UK work visa.

You will need to attain a total of 70 points to be eligible for the Skilled Worker visa:

The UK Shortage Occupation List is a register of jobs for which there is a high demand among employers but a shortage of labor in the UK market. Applications for shortage occupation roles carry a tradeable 20 points for skilled workers and also have a lower visa application cost.

The list is reviewed by the Migration Advisory Committee, which makes recommendations to the Government to add or remove jobs in line with changes in the UK labor market.

The English language requirement is met if you:

  • Are you a citizen of a majority English-speaking country
  • Hold a degree that is equivalent to a UK Bachelor’s degree or higher, which was taught or researched in English
  • Have passed a recognized English language test with at least a B1 score Council of Europe’s common European framework for language and learning.
  • Have previously met the English Language requirement during a grant of leave in the UK

For the maintenance funds, most sponsors will guarantee their prospective employees’ maintenance for the first month of employment in the UK on the Certificate of Sponsorship. Only A-rated companies on the sponsor list are permitted to do this.

Without a sponsor guarantee, the applicant must evidence access to their own funds.

If you have attained enough points, your sponsor can assign you a Certificate of Sponsorship. You use the unique reference number to make your visa application. Note that CoS are non-transferable – either between candidates or employers.

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The most effective way to secure a Skilled Worker visa is to work closely with your prospective employer, particularly if they already hire sponsored workers and have processes in place to support you through the Home Office visa application.

Points-based visas such as the Skilled Worker visa also make provision for spouses, partners, and any dependent children to come to the UK at the same time as you, which you should discuss at the outset with your sponsor.

 What is a Tier 2 sponsor?

The Tier 2 route is now closed and has been replaced by the Skilled Worker visa. Non-UK workers coming to the UK for skilled workers must be sponsored by an employer with a sponsorship license before they can apply for a work visa.

How do you get a sponsorship visa in the UK?

When searching for a job, you should check the name of the organization against the Register of Licensed Sponsors, which lists all UK organizations that have a license to sponsor migrant workers.

How much does it cost to sponsor a Skilled Worker visa?

Issuing a Certificate of Sponsorship to a skilled worker costs £199. This is in addition to the visa application fee and the sponsor license costs.

Is it hard to get a UK sponsorship visa?

How difficult it is to get a sponsorship visa will depend on your skill set, qualifications, and industry. Some occupations are in short supply in the UK, with many vacancies for suitable candidates at any time.

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