How to Check Your Jamb Score Online And With Your Phone Easily

The JAMB result for 2023 is the latest news from the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board. All of the people who took the 2023 UTME can now look below to find out how to check their results by phone or through the JAMB E-facility portal. Also, you can find links to your score below.

You can check your UTME result online in two ways, which are: 

With your registration number on the JAMB e-facility portal using your mobile phone or through SMS.

The board explained why it took a few days before the results were made public. The board said that when the results were checked for fraud, things like multiple registrations, impersonation, and the like were found. So they try to catch them.

The JAMB portal will make it easy and free for candidates to look at their original test results online.

Click on this link. How to print the UTME original result if you want your passport photo to be printed on your result slip. But the steps to get your JAMB result notification are in the guide below.

How to Check Your JAMB Score on Your Phone

Here’s everything you need to check your score:

JAMB number, the mobile phone number you used to get your profile code, and the Internet data on your phone.

First, candidates can check their JAMB scores by sending an SMS with the word “UTMERRESULT” to 55019 or 66019 from the same number they used to register. Even though this process has been put on hold for the time being.

The answer would come back as an SMS right away or in 10–30 minutes. It’s at no cost.

Also, you can go to the Google Play store and search for “JAMB Mobile Services e-Facility.” Then you can download it, install it on your phone, and check your results on the app.

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How to Check JAMB Result With Just Registration Number

You can also check your score by logging in to the JAMB portal. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Login to JAMB portal 
  • Click on Check UTME Results
  • Type in your registration number or your cell phone number.
  • Click on “See My Score”

Follow the steps below if you want to get to your result through their home page.

Please be aware that you can now check your result on the JAMB portal. So you can check your JAMB score using their online portal or an SMS.

Also, candidates should follow these steps to get their scores for the computer-based test from the e-facility portal of the exam body:

  • Go to Efacility to find out more about JAMB.
  • Click on “Check UTME Results for 2023.”
  • Type in your JAMB registration number or email address.
  • Click “Check My Scores” to see how you did.
  • Then you can click on “Print Result” to print your result. Before you can do this, you must connect your laptop to a printer.

Is it possible to check JAMB results?

The JAMB portal is open for people to check their results for 2023 and 2024. I know that most people who took the UTME in 2022 want to check their results through the boards’ portal. The board has now opened the portal.

Now, you can’t check your JAMB result on the portal until you link your email to your profile. Once that’s done, go to the JAMB e-facility and sign in with your email address and password. Your result will be on the portal.

Has JAMB opened a place to check results?

The door has been opened, yes. JAMB will give you an SMS code that you can use to check your result quickly (send UTMERESULT to 55019 using the same phone number that you used for registration). Even though there are some differences between what the SMS says and what the portal shows,

The text message will only tell you your score and how you did. But on the portal, you will see information like your UTME subjects and scores, first choice of institution/course and second choice of institution/course, date of birth, local government area, gender, registration and examination number, state of origin, and picture.

Also, you can print out your JAMB result from the JAMB portal. This will help you have a hard copy in case you need it for the post-UTME screening.

How do I check my JAMB score with an app?

JAMB has released the e-Facility mobile phone app, which you can use to check your results on your phone and see if you have been accepted to school, among other things. Only phones that run Android can get the app from Google Play Store. The name of the app is “JAMB Mobile Service application.”

About the JAMB Mobile e-Facility

The app has a lot of features, and here are some things you can do with it:

  • Checking the results of the current candidate
  • Get Registration Number Verification of Results (check result on phone)
  • Checking on the status of admission
  • Signing up for a cybercafé
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How to get the JAMB app for your phone

Click on this link to get the e-Facility Mobile app:

At the time this post was written, the app only worked with Android OS versions 4.0 and up.

How do I get into the JAMB portal if I don’t have an email?

You may be having trouble getting into your JAMB profile account. Have you forgotten your JAMB username or password, and no matter what you did, you couldn’t get into your profile?

If you fall into any of the above groups, don’t worry. There are ways to get your JAMB password and username back without having to pay a dime.

But you must read every word of this post carefully because we will show you how to find your JAMB password and username step by step.

What Are the Username and Password for JAMB?

JAMB username is the unique email address you gave or used when you made an account on the JAMB portal. In other words, it is the email address you used to sign up for UTME.

The code you used to sign up for JAMB UTME is your JAMB password. The people in charge of the registration process at JAMB often use the phone numbers or last names of candidates as passwords.

So, we suggest that you use either your phone number or your last name as the password and see if either of them works.

How to Change Your Password for JAMB

If the phone number and last name didn’t help, make sure to click the “forgot password” link on the JAMB e-facility login page.

You’ll be asked for the email address you used to sign up, where you’ll get a link to change or make a new password.

Go to your email address, check your inbox, open the message, click the link in the message, and you will be taken to your default browser. If you follow the steps below to change your password, you’ll be fine.

How can I find out what my JAMB username and password are?

If you have your UTME slip with you, it shouldn’t be hard to remember your JAMB username.

Check the slip to see the email address you gave to JAMB when you signed up. Your JAMB username is also your email address.

As was said above, when registering for the JAMB UTME exam, JAMB officials or other computer experts prefer to use a candidate’s last name or phone number as their password.

How do I get into my JAMB account if all I have is my registration number?

This is not possible, though. No one can use just the registration number to get into the JAMB portal. To get into your JAMB account, you need your password, registration number, or email address.

This is why you must use a working email address when you sign up for JAMB. You may need it in the future to get your password back. In the same way, you will need the email address to get important information from the exam body.

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What is my password for JAMB CAPS?

Your password for JAMB CAP is the same one you used to get into JAMB e-facility. In other words, it is the password that the CBT rep gave you when you signed up.

JAMB CAPS doesn’t need a new password. You can get to your JAMB profile or account by giving your email address to the one you use for e-facilities.

How to get to it if you can’t log in to your Jamb Caps profile

Most of the time, you can’t get into your JAMB CAPS profile because your password or username (email address) is wrong.

You might also not be able to get into your JAMB CAPS profile if your internet connection is bad.

You might also not know where to find the “login” button on the JAMB official portal. So, let’s talk briefly about how to get to your JAMB CAPS profile without any trouble or stress.

How to get to your JAMB CAPS account

  • Visit the JAMB website.
  • click on “create e-facility account/login”
  • Give your email address and your password.
  • Click the button that says “Log in.”
  • On the screen, your profile will show up.

How to see if you got into JAMB on your profile

Here is a quick list of what you need to do to check your JAMB profile to see if you were accepted:

  • Go to JAMB’s online facility.
  • Type in the email address and password that you used to sign up.
  • On the left side of your laptop or desktop screen, click the “Check Admission Status” link. On the other hand, if you check with your smartphone, the link is in a drop-down list.
  • Choose the year of the test.
  • In the right box, type your registration number.
  • Once you give the above information, the portal will check your status and show it to you.

How come I can’t get into my JAMB profile?

You can’t get into your JAMB profile because you put in the wrong password, email address, or other login information.

You might also not be able to access your jump profile because your internet connection is bad.

Can I use JAMB CAPS without an email address?

Yes, you can get to your JAMB CAPS even if you don’t have an email address, because the portal lets you register with a number. So, your registration number can take the place of your email address.

But make sure you know your password, because you can’t do anything else.

How do I sign in to my JAMB profile if I don’t have an email?

  • Check out the JAMB website.
  • Instead of your email address, type in your registration number.
  • To get to your profile, type in your password and click the “login” button.

What Are My Username and Password for JAMB CAPS?

Your email address that you used to sign up for the JAMB-UTME exam is your JAMB cap username. Make sure the email address works and can be reached.

The JAMB CAP password is the code you were given when you signed up. It is one of the things you need to get on the official JAMB website.

Why does nothing show up on my JAMB CAPS?

Is “welcome” written in your JAMB CAPS, but the rest of the page is blank? That’s because you are using your phone to look at the page. You might need to use your laptop or desktop to go to the page.

Alternatively, you can change the settings of your Chrome browser to “desktop mode” to see the full page on your phone.

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