How JAMB Change of Course & Institution Correction of Data Works

The fee to switch schools and major with JAMB is 2,500 naira, or two thousand and five hundred naira.

There are two distinct types of students who submit the JAMB correction of data form:

  • Candidates who are new to JAMB
  • Students at the University Undergraduate Level.

Data correction for JAMBites

Students who recently took the JAMB exams are eligible to submit a JAMB correction of data form for new candidates.

JAMB Course Change and Institution Data Correction.

The JAMB change of institution and course of choice will cost you two thousand five hundred Naira (N2,500).

There are two types of students who apply for JAMB data form correction;

  • New JAMB Candidates.
  • Students in their final year of study.

Data correction for JAMBites.

The JAMB data form correction for new students is for students who took the most recent JAMB examinations.

When the JAMB results are released, you will be able to change your institution and course of study.

It is not feasible to apply for a change of course or institution of choice through the JAMB using a phone or in an internet cafe. To apply for JAMB data correction in your JAMB profile, you must go to the JAMB CBT center.

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Undergraduate Students

Undergraduates are students enrolled in universities, polytechnics, or educational colleges. Students who have been accepted can use the JAMB profile portal to ask for changes to their JAMB data.

You can change your institution, course, name, gender, and LGA via the JAMB portal login on your phone or at a cybercafé.

Closing Date for JAMB Data Correction

The JAMB data correction form has no set deadline. After your JAMB results are released, you can apply for a change of data. Undergraduate students can apply for data correction at any time. You can change your university and course through JAMB twice.

Form for Correcting JAMB Data

The following is a list of data rectification applications;

  • Course/Institution \sNames
  • Gender Date of Birth State/LGA of Origin

JAMB Institutional Change

You can modify your school of choice on your JAMB profile using the JAMB Change of Institution form. It will allow you to modify the first, second, and third selections for your institution.

For example, you can switch from the University of Nigeria to Lagos State University by changing the institution form. You can also transfer to another polytechnic or community college.

JAMB Course Change

The JAMB Change of Course form allows you to change your JAMB course in your profile.

After their JAMB results are released, some students may need to change their major. This shifting process is required in order to change to a less competitive course.

It is also important to change courses if your preferred institution gives you admission to a different department.

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JAMB Name Change

For applicants who want to change their names on the JAMB platform, the JAMB Change of Name form is available.

Several students commit spelling errors when registering for JAMB. Also, some students’ JAMB profile names do not correspond to the names on their WAEC or NECO scores. Individuals must apply for a name change using the JAMB portal.

JAMB Gender Change

The JAMB Change of Gender form allows you to change your gender profile to either male or female. If you entered your gender incorrectly during JAMB registration, you will need to fill out this form.

Change of State and Local Government of Origin JAMB

The JAMB change of state and local government, or origin, is for students who want to update their JAMB profile.

JAMB Course and Institution Change

Below are the steps for purchasing and applying for a JAMB change of course and institution of choice at a CBT center.

Change your course or institution of choice.

  • Pay a visit to the JAMB CBT registration center.
  • Notify the CBT officer that you intend to change courses or institutions.
  • Complete the data rectification form at the CBT center.
  • 2,500 Naira (two thousand five hundred Naira)
  • Please enter your JAMB profile code.
  • Fingerprint with the fingerprint scanner
  • Confirm the new JAMB profile code updates.
  • Print the certificate for your new course or school.

How to Update Your JAMB Profile Phone Number

Changing your phone number in your JAMB profile code is free. You’d need an affidavit saying that you misplaced your prior phone number for the JAMB CBT center.

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After the JAMB Change of Course and Institution, I received several inquiries from students who had recently completed a JAMB Change of Course or Institution regarding their inability to register for their institution of choice Post UTME tests.

Your modifications on the JAMB portal will take a few days to a week to reflect on your profile and register you for the Post UTME screening.

The good news is that Nigerian universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education will always make sure that all students can register for their screening process.

Please leave any queries in the comments section. Please let me know if you have any problems with the JAMB Change of Course or Institution form.

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