High Paying Jobs That Only Require A High School Diploma

When you complete and obtain your high school diploma, the next or at least the majority of students will have their eyes set for college. Yes, you need to go and get that college degree so you could land a good job and become important in society.

The questions, are you prepared for college? Do you have the money to finance your studies? How do you pay for your college education?

You are faced with a lot of pressure to get into the next stage of your life and career when you graduate from high school. If you already have chosen a career path, and you have an idea where you are going then good for, if you don’t, try not to let the pressure get to you.

One thing you must know is that college is not for everyone, so if you find that college is not the right step for you, then you must consider your options.

There are a lot of good jobs that pay you well with just your high school diploma certificate. If you are not after a university degree, then you must have some skill you want to learn or develop, and what type of training does it require.

If you are after a college degree, you should consider doing some jobs, for experience, money, and to prepare yourself for a competitive labor force.

High School Diploma

What You Must Consider

Here we are going to lay down some career options for you, if you have figured out which career you want to pursue, then you should look at some of the jobs listed to find out what you are good or what you think you can be good at with proper training.

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There some questions you’d have to ask yourself to know what you can do or capable of learning, such as:

  1. Do you like to work indoors or in an office?
  2. Would You be comfortable working outdoors?
  3. Do you like to travel, and are you able to relocate?
  4. Would you like to work for someone or yourself?
  5. What skill do you have or wish to learn?

List of Jobs For High School Graduates

  1. Real Estate Agent – Median Salary: $43,000
  2. Truck Driver, Bus Driver, or Subway & Streetcar Operator – Median Salary: $53,010
  3. Craftsperson – Median Salary: $45,900
  4. Makeup Artist – Median Salary: $25,400
  5. Flight Attendant – Median Salary: $38,600
  6. Chef/Cook – Median Salary: $29,010
  7. Plumber – Median Salary: $53,910
  8. Hairdresser/stylist – Median Salary: $24,730
  9. Licensed Practical Nurse and Licensed Vocational Nurse – Median Salary: $46,240
  10. Massage Therapist – Median Salary: $41,420
  11. Maintenance and Repair Worker – Median Salary: $38,300
  12. Nail Technician – Median Salary: $24,330
  13. Electrician – Median Salary: $55,190
  14. Solar Photovoltaic Installer – Median Salary: $42,680
  15. Residential Advisor – Median Salary: $27,860
  16. Firefighter – Median Salary: $49,620

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