Franklin Akpotha: Biography, Age, Family, Career, Net Worth

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Franklin Akpotha, a businessman based in Lagos, is primarily recognized as the husband of Chioma Akpotha, an acclaimed actress known for her stage prowess and admirable performances.

Owing to his deliberate avoidance of sharing personal details on social media, Franklin has stirred curiosity about his true identity among Nigerians. He and his wife have jointly agreed to maintain a veil of privacy, leading to scarce information about Franklin Akpotha’s children, birthday, career, origin, net worth, and even his social media presence.

While rumors about a possible divorce between Franklin and Chioma Akpotha once circulated and attracted widespread attention, the current status of their marriage remains undisclosed.

Family and Personal Life:

  • Franklin Akpotha is married to Chioma Akpotha and they have two children together.
  • Their first child was born in 2007, and the second child arrived some years later. The family, however, keeps private information about the children, such as their names, birthdates, and other personal details.
  • However, Chioma Akpotha, Franklin’s wife, has shared images of their children on her official Instagram account without disclosing their identities.


  • Franklin’s exact age is not publicly known. Some people have made assumptions about his age based on Chioma’s age, which was 42 in 2022. Some speculate that Franklin might be in his early fifties, possibly born in the 1970s.


  • Franklin Akpotha is known as a businessman operating in Lagos. However, the specific nature of his business, his company’s products or services, and his role within the company remain undisclosed.
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Divorce Rumors:

  • Rumors have surfaced suggesting that Franklin and Chioma Akpotha might be heading towards a divorce. However, there’s no official confirmation or details about the status of their relationship. Chioma Akpotha mentioned in an interview the challenges of raising two children alone, which sparked suspicion around their relationship status.
  • As of the time of the information provided, no definitive confirmation exists regarding any divorce or separation between Franklin and Chioma. The couple, who got married in 2006, was previously thought to be enjoying their marriage.

State of Origin:

Franklin Akpotha is reported to hail from Delta State in Nigeria. However, specific details about his local government area or town within Delta State are kept private from the public.

Social Media Presence: Franklin Akpotha is acknowledged to have a presence on Facebook and Instagram. His official accounts are:

  • Facebook: Franklin Akpotha
  • Instagram: @franklinakpotha

Net Worth:

Determining Franklin Akpotha’s precise net worth has been challenging due to the secrecy surrounding his business. His net worth has been estimated to fall within a range of $10,000 to $100,000. This estimation is based on observations of his lifestyle, residence, and vehicles.

It’s noted that due to the secretive nature of his business and personal life, there might be limited opportunities to gain further insights into Franklin Akpotha, especially if the ongoing divorce rumors hold any truth.



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