Entry Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in Canada

With a population of approximately 35 million people and a GDP of $2 trillion, Canada is the world’s second-largest country. It’s also one of the main locations for temporary and permanent foreign employees searching for visa sponsorship in Canada.

The country has one of the highest rates of immigration in North America, with over 330,000 visas granted each year for skilled workers alone, not including family members or refugees.

If you want to work in Canada but don’t have any experience or degree, there are lots of entry-level positions available that will sponsor visas for suitable individuals like yourself.

Non-residents must meet severe visa procedures, which might be complicated. However, certain jobs qualify for visa sponsorship provided specific conditions are met.

Entry Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in Canada

Business Operations Specialists

Business Operations Specialists handle their company’s employees’ day-to-day operations, such as hiring new employees or terminating those who don’t perform well enough.

These positions frequently entail sophisticated procedures that need knowledge of several types of software applications used by businesses, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

This is not always the case, since some organizations opt to employ manual processes instead (such as an Excel spreadsheet).

In addition to assisting with activities associated with maintaining efficiency within a certain department/division within an organization’s broader structure (such as production).

These responsibilities also require spotting issues within each area so that corrective action may be performed promptly rather than having to wait until the next morning, as typical humans would if left unchecked!

Trainees in Management

A management traineeship is a terrific way to start your career and may also provide you with significant experience in your subject of study.

You might be a member of a team or an individual contributor. With rare exceptions for people who qualify for government financial assistance or other subsidized occupations, the bulk of these positions is compensated.

In general, the following qualifications are required for entry-level roles like these:

  • Having finished high school (or equivalent)
  • Being able to communicate in English fluently

HR Coordinator

An HR Coordinator is a person in charge of a company’s human resources department.

There are several firms eager to give you with Visa Sponsorship in Canada provided you meet their requirements.

They assist in the recruitment and retention of personnel, as well as the management of benefit packages and training programs.

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An HR Coordinator’s responsibilities include the following:

Recruiting new employees (including referrals)

Offering attractive remuneration packages in order to attract skilled individuals for available jobs in your company or organization

Contracts with existing employees should be renegotiated as required or appropriate, depending on their performance levels and prospective worth to you as an employer.

accountancy job

Finding and securing an accountancy job will help you obtain Visa Sponsorship in Canada more quickly. Accountants are in charge of a company’s financial transactions. They handle tax returns, create yearly reports and audits, maintain track of employee pay and benefits, and conduct internal audits on a regular basis to guarantee compliance with rules and industry norms.

Accountant positions are accessible in large cities across Canada as well as tiny settlements in rural locations. A bachelor’s degree in accounting from an approved university is required to become an accountant (or equivalent).

Before applying straight to this area, further studies and experience as an auditor or accountant would be required.

According to Glassdoor Inc., the median compensation for accountants is $63K per year, however, it may go much higher based on your qualifications and where you reside!

There are also options outside – there are over 20 nations where English is spoken fluently, like Australia and New Zealand, which provide good work prospects, particularly if you’re ready to migrate temporarily abroad.

Coordinator of the Project

Project coordinators are in charge of making sure that projects function smoothly. This might be as easy as assisting someone with their work or as complex as organizing meetings and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

In order to handle IT resources successfully at all times, project coordinators must have a solid grasp of technology and how it works.

They must also be able to use office software such as Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, as well as have communication skills, organizational skills (e.g., planning), leadership abilities, and problem-solving abilities, including the ability to identify potential problems before they become serious issues by anticipating possible outcomes and preventing them from occurring.

Specialist in Communications

As a communications specialist, you will be responsible for supporting your organization’s marketing and communications needs.

You will collaborate with clients to create strategies and campaigns to raise awareness of their products or services. This can include assisting them in developing online presences as well as creating collateral materials such as brochures and flyers.

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According to Glassdoor Inc., the median salary for accountants is $63K per year, however, it may be considerably higher depending on your qualifications and where you live!

There are other choices outside the country: there are over 20 countries where English is spoken fluently, such as Australia and New Zealand, that provide fantastic job opportunities, especially if you’re willing to relocate temporarily.

The Project’s Coordinator

Project coordinators are responsible for ensuring that projects run smoothly. This might be as simple as helping someone with their job or as sophisticated as planning meetings and making sure everyone is on the same page.

Project coordinators must understand the technology and how it works in order to manage IT resources properly at all times.

Specialist in Technical Support

Technical support experts are in charge of the technical upkeep of a business’s computer systems and networks. They also give consumers technical help, such as answering queries about how to utilize software or gear.

Technical support specialists often need a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems administration, or a similar discipline, as well as at least two years of computer experience.

Because this work entails frequent encounters with consumers, technical support experts must be able to maintain their cool even while dealing with difficult situations or irate customers.

The pay scale for this work varies greatly depending on your degree of expertise and area; nevertheless, it may vary from $40k to $80k per year depending on the region.

Quality Control Inspector

Quality assurance testers are in charge of testing software programs to verify that they are defect-free. They will test the front-end and back-end code, as well as additional components like databases and application servers. The annual compensation for this post is roughly $62,000.

To apply for this position in Canada, you must have a bachelor’s degree from an approved university and one year of software testing experience.

In addition, you must submit your CV and three references from senior managers or colleagues at your present company who can speak to your skill set and capacity to work on projects comparable to those indicated above.

If Visa Canada (VAC) approves you, you will be eligible for Visa Sponsorship in Canada if you work at least 15 hours per week for at least six months.

Software Developer

Software engineers are in high demand in Canada and are one of the most successful occupations for obtaining a Visa Sponsorship. Indeed, they are one of the top three most in-demand jobs among employers. They work on software development projects including the implementation of new or upgraded technology for businesses and other organizations around the country.

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Depending on their level of expertise, software engineers might make anywhere from $70,000 to $120,000 per year (more if you have an advanced degree).

This implies you’ll be able to support yourself while earning enough money to live comfortably. 


Recruiters are in great demand across all industries, but especially in big and small businesses. Recruiters may be located in small villages and cities throughout Canada, as well as in larger places such as Toronto and Vancouver.

If you wish to work with a recruiter, you need to find out if your organization has one. If it does have a recruiter, it may be a possibility for entry-level employment that does not require advanced degrees or substantial experience.

If your organization does not have a recruiter on staff, this is something to think about because there are several advantages to working with recruiters. One significant advantage is that it allows you to obtain Visa Sponsorship in Canada.

Ways to Get Sponsored

If you wish to live and work in Canada, you should understand Visa Sponsorship in Canada for Foreign Workers. In reality, the Canadian government provides them as a mechanism for firms to hire people from other countries who may not otherwise have a chance in Canada.

There are two types of sponsorship available: provincial nominee (PN) and federal skilled worker (FSW) (FW).

The most prevalent PN schemes allow firms or organizations that meet specified criteria, such as employing 50 or 500 employees per year, to participate.

Some jurisdictions, however, have more restricted choices, such as Alberta’s Provincial Nominated Skilled Worker Program (PNP SW), which only permits qualifying companies with 10 full-time positions vacant in their business/organization at any given time.

The FW program grants temporary visas to persons with specific capabilities who may address technical gaps in Canadian job areas like as oil and gas exploration/production, advanced manufacturing, health care, and construction trades-related professions such as carpentry, among others.



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