Comprehensive Review of Investment Platform | Fake Or Legit?

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In the ever-evolving landscape of online investment opportunities, a new platform has emerged, capturing the attention of potential investors., a platform that has recently entered the scene, promises its members the opportunity to earn by completing tasks. This review aims to provide an unbiased evaluation of, discussing its offerings, potential risks, and the overall earning process. Background

The digital investment domain is no stranger to the rise and fall of various platforms. From the infamous MMM to Ultimate Cycler, and content-sharing platforms like Racksterli and NNU, the history is dotted with examples that have sparked skepticism among investors, particularly in Nigeria. This skepticism is a natural response to the short-lived nature of many such platforms. Previous Reviews

Prior to delving into, it’s worth noting that we have recently reviewed, which may also be of interest to our readers. However, the focus of today’s discussion is, its structure, and its legitimacy.

Understanding, also known as Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG) Trys, is a new investment website that claims to offer financial gains through task completion. The platform asserts that users can earn a daily percentage of their investment by simply logging into their dashboards.

Operational Model

Similar to other investment platforms, requires users to select and pay for an investment plan. The chosen plan dictates the daily earnings, which can be withdrawn upon reaching a certain threshold. The platform also features a referral system, allowing users to earn additional income by promoting to their network.

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Investment Plans offers a variety of investment plans, catering to different financial capacities. The plans are as follows:

    • Investment: ₦2,000
    • Daily Profit: ₦500
    • Gross Income: ₦15,000
    • Investment: ₦4,000
    • Daily Profit: ₦1,000
    • Gross Income: ₦30,000
    • Investment: ₦8,000
    • Daily Profit: ₦2,000
    • Gross Income: ₦60,000
    • Investment: ₦15,000
    • Daily Profit: ₦3,750
    • Gross Income: ₦112,500
    • Investment: ₦30,000
    • Daily Profit: ₦7,500
    • Gross Income: ₦225,000
    • Investment: ₦70,000
    • Daily Profit: ₦17,500
    • Gross Income: ₦525,000
    • Investment: ₦150,000
    • Daily Profit: ₦37,500
    • Gross Income: ₦1,125,000
    • Investment: ₦300,000
    • Daily Profit: ₦75,000
    • Gross Income: ₦2,225,000
    • Investment: ₦600,000
    • Daily Profit: ₦150,000
    • Gross Income: ₦4,500,000

Legitimacy Concerns

In assessing the legitimacy of, it’s important to consider the platform’s domain registration details. The domain was registered on March 26, 2023, via GoDaddy. The registrant’s contact information is kept private, which is a common practice for domain owners.


While presents itself as a lucrative investment opportunity, potential investors are advised to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before committing funds. The history of similar platforms suggests a pattern of short-term operations, and as such, the sustainability of remains a critical consideration.

Disclaimer: This review is intended for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Investment in any platform carries inherent risks, and due diligence is recommended before making any financial decisions.



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