Top 15 Companies In The USA That Sponsor H-1B Visa For Foreign Workers

H-1B Visa

The H-1B visa is famous for international students who want to work in the United States after graduating. This visa allows you to stay and work in the US for up to three years, with the possibility of a three-year extension. To obtain an H-1B visa, an employer must sponsor you, and they will file a petition with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on your behalf.

The landscape of H-1B visa sponsorship is primarily dominated by tech companies, indicating the strong demand for talent in the technology sector in recent years. Despite the industry’s challenges with widespread layoffs in 2023, tech remains a sought-after career path for business school graduates.

It’s important to note that the H-1B visa program has specific requirements and an annual cap on the number of visas issued, which can make the application process competitive. International students pursuing this path should be well-prepared and seek out potential employers willing to sponsor their visas to maximize their chances of securing this opportunity to work in the United States.

15. Deloitte – Where Prestige Meets Talent

First, we’ve got Deloitte, a prestigious Big Four accounting and professional services firm. Deloitte is at the top of its game when recruiting top international talent. No wonder they ranked among the most prominent sponsors of H-1B visas in 2023.

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14. Intel – The Tech Giant on a Talent Hunt

Intel, the tech behemoth known for its semiconductor wizardry, is next. Headquartered in sunny California, Intel thrives in the fiercely competitive tech industry, and H-1B visa sponsorship is their secret weapon to attract top global talent.

13. Apple – Biting into the Talent Pool

Apple is a tech giant that needs no introduction. With a market valuation exceeding $2 trillion, Apple knows the value of top talent. They regularly hire graduates from elite schools like Duke Fuqua, Harvard Business School, and NYU Stern, making H-1B visas essential for securing the best and brightest.

12. Microsoft – Leading with Innovation

Microsoft, the tech titan, is always looking for MBA and business master’s graduates. With many roles in their arsenal, they stand tall among the top companies sponsoring H-1B visas.

11. Wipro Limited – Bridging Continents

With its international headquarters in East Brunswick, New Jersey, Wipro Limited has its eyes set on international MBA talent. This Indian multinational is heavy in information technology, consulting, and outsourcing, making it a prime spot for H-1B visa hopefuls.

10. Capgemini – Where Consulting Meets High Pay

Capgemini, one of the highest-paying consulting firms worldwide, is in the business of digital solutions. They focus on consulting, digital transformation, tech, and engineering services and regularly hire MBA and business master’s graduates.

9. Accenture – Mastering Multiple Disciplines

Accenture is all about versatility. They cover many focus areas, from customer experience to sustainability. With their dedicated internal training program, they offer constant learning opportunities in various industries, functions, and technologies.

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8. HCL America – Pioneers of Technology Solutions

HCL America offers cutting-edge computer programming solutions, perfect for MBA graduates looking to ride the technology wave. They operate across various industries, including automotive, aerospace, media, healthcare, and capital markets.

7. IBM – Skills-Led Hiring

IBM takes a skills-led approach to hiring. You might find your place at IBM if you’re eager to work with tech, adapt to change, and thirst for learning. They focus on design, business strategy, tech support, and talent management, providing ample opportunities for international MBAs.

6. Meta – The Metaverse Pioneers

Meta, previously known as Facebook, is another tech giant actively recruiting international MBA talent. With their ever-expanding product lines and ventures into the Metaverse, they offer exciting prospects for MBA graduates.

5. Google – Beyond Trillion-Dollar Dreams

One of the few trillion-dollar companies, Google is a dream destination for international MBA graduates. In 2023, they approved a whopping 1,562 H-1B visas. MBA graduates can find roles like product manager, project manager, marketing manager, and finance business partner.

4. Cognizant Technology Solutions US – The IT Powerhouse

Cognizant, a business consulting, IT, and outsourcing firm, secured 2,447 H-1B visas in 2023. Unsurprisingly, technology remains a common thread among top H-1B sponsors.

3. Tata Consultancy Services – The Indian Trailblazer

Tata Consultancy Services kicks off our top three. This Indian multinational focuses on app development, capacity planning, consulting, payment processing, software management, and technology education services. For international MBA graduates, Tata is a firm to watch.

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2. Infosys – The Future of Tech

Infosys, a leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, takes second place. While headquartered in Bangalore, India, Infosys is a top US hirer of international MBA talent. For grads who want to be at the forefront of tech advancements, H-1B sponsorship at Infosys is a golden ticket.

1. Amazon – A World of Opportunities

And now, the crown jewel – Amazon. Amazon is the undisputed leader, with 3,296 visas approved in Seattle and 715 more in Arlington, Virginia. MBA graduates have many opportunities, from finance and retail to product and program management, all in a unique and vibrant work culture.

So, there you have it, folks. These top companies made waves in 2023 by sponsoring H-1B visas. If you’re an international MBA grad who dreams of making it big in the US, these companies could be the key to your success. Good luck on your journey, and may your American dream come true!




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