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Hello and welcome to my channel! I recently had a conversation with one of the participants in my private coaching program, and she raised an interesting question: “Can I move to the UK as an accountant instead of opting for a job in the shortage occupation list?” This got me thinking about the importance of choosing the right job when moving to the UK. In today’s video, we’ll dive into this topic, exploring the differences between jobs on the shortage occupation list and those that are not. We’ll also discuss why it’s a game-changer when a job makes it onto the shortage occupation list.

The UK Job Landscape

Let’s begin by addressing a common misconception: it’s not just about how you get to the UK; it’s about what you do once you’re here. Personal growth and career progression are key. I can relate to this personally; I started my UK journey as a carer in a nursing home. While I enjoyed the work, I knew I wanted more. I pursued higher education, eventually becoming an advanced nurse practitioner. It’s a testament to the opportunities available in the UK once you’re here legally.

The Freedom to Choose

The crucial message here is that your initial job in the UK doesn’t define your entire journey. You have the freedom to explore different career paths once you’re here. So, if you’re watching this from abroad and have specific career aspirations, rest assured that your options can evolve after you arrive. Your journey can be dynamic and tailored to your goals.

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The Shortage Occupation List

Now, let’s discuss the coveted shortage occupation list. What does it mean when a job makes it onto this list? For instance, the carer’s job wasn’t always on this list. Before its inclusion, UK employers faced several challenges. First, the pay for carer jobs was relatively low, making it hard for professionals to make ends meet. The shortage occupation list changes that by lowering fees for employers who want to recruit from overseas. This is an incentive to attract more talent and address workforce shortfalls.

Your Ideal Job and Visa Sponsorship

If you’re an accountant or have a high-paying job in mind, there’s an additional factor to consider: the Resident Labor Market Test. UK companies must prove that there are no suitable local candidates for lucrative positions. This test is a hurdle because high-paying jobs typically attract many local applicants. Companies are reluctant to sponsor visas when there’s a pool of qualified residents to choose from. It’s a matter of prioritizing UK citizens and residents.

Finding Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Now, if you’re seeking visa sponsorship jobs in the UK, there are several websites you can explore to discover opportunities. Here are a few trusted sources:

  1. Indeed: Indeed UK is a comprehensive job search engine where you can filter job listings by visa sponsorship availability.
  2. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a valuable platform for professional networking and job searching. You can set your job preferences to include visa sponsorship.
  3. Glassdoor: Glassdoor provides job listings and company reviews. It often includes information about visa sponsorship in job postings.
  4. Reed: Reed is a popular job site in the UK that allows you to search for jobs with visa sponsorship options.
  5. CWJobs: If you’re in the IT field, CWJobs is a specialized job portal that frequently features IT jobs with visa sponsorship.
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Remember to tailor your job search by using keywords like “visa sponsorship” or “Tier 2 sponsorship” to narrow down relevant listings.


In conclusion, when considering a move to the UK, it’s crucial to choose your job wisely. Understand the dynamics between jobs on the shortage occupation list and those not. Remember that your journey can evolve once you’re here, allowing you to pursue your dream career. The key is to get here legally and explore the wealth of opportunities available in the UK job market.

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