Can I Take Jamb Regularization More Than Once?

One thing with regularizing JAMB is that it might be possible to sign up for it twice. Is it possible to register once and then think about doing it again?

Some candidates had done their JAMB regularization for DE, HND, or NYSC, hoping that things would go well. Unfortunately, they have to think about registering it again for one reason or another.

If your school or you lost your indemnity form, you don’t have to sign up for regularization again. You can still reprint and send in the regularization slip.

If you made mistakes when you registered the first time and thought it was important to fix them, you might want to know if you can reapply and send in the regularization again.

What if you forgot to give a few pieces of information when you signed up? Can you do it again or do you have to start over?

This post will answer all of your questions and those that are similar. You can sign up twice for JAMB regularization on one condition. Even though JAMB regularization is only supposed to be done once, you could sign up again if you made mistakes the first time.

But this will only work perfectly if you haven’t given your school the indemnity form to sign yet, or if your school has signed it but hasn’t sent a copy to the JAMB office for final approval.

If you finished your regularization before you realized you should have fixed your date of birth because of NYSC, or if you registered for the wrong option instead of the Condonation of Illegitimate Admission (Without Reg. Number) option, you can still re register for the right one.

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If the first indemnity form is sent in, it may be a waste of time to register for regularization a second time.

As was already said, JAMB expected a one-time registration for the regularization. So, if you have to sign up again, you don’t have to send in the first indemnity form.

Even if you give that to the school, you can still try to get them to wait for the right indemnity form. Even the school might tell you that you did some things wrong and tell you to try again.

But if the management has already sent a signed copy of the regularization slip to the JAMB office, you or your school may not be able to change it.

The school won’t have a good reason to take the slip back and give another one. So, it’s likely that nothing else can be done after the application has been sent to the JAMB office.

Originally posted 2023-04-09 00:31:35.