Best Loans you can Access Without a Cosigner this Year

It has always been a requirement to provide a cosigner or guarantor as an international student applying for a loan. Finding a company that offers international students loans to study abroad without requesting a guarantor is almost impossible. But on this page, we have listed the top companies that are willing to offer the Best Loans you can Access Without a Cosigner this Year.

The easiest type of loan to apply for and you wouldn’t be required to provide a cosigner is the Federal student loan. However, this option is strictly for citizens or permanent residents of that country like citizens of Canada, the U.S. or the U.K. are eligible for the federal student loan provided by the government in the respective countries.

8 student loans without a co-signer

  1. Federal Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loan
  2. Ascent Private Student Loan
  3. Funding U Private Student Loan
  4. A.M. Private Student Loan
  5. MPOWER Private Student Loan
  6. Prodigy Private Student Loan
  7. Stride Funding Income Share Agreement
  8. Avenify Income Share Agreement

The federal student loans do not require you to provide any cosigner or any credit history to be eligible. And they offer a good and flexible on-the-job repayment option to students. However, not everyone is qualified to obtain a federal student loan.

In such cases, you can apply for loans from private lenders or companies which are usually credit-based. Not many companies and private lenders offer students loans without having to provide a cosigner. But then we have picked out 8 private lenders that provide such opportunities, although it attracts a higher rate as a result.

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Best Loans you can Access without a Cosigner this Year

Lender Type of loan Available to
Federal direct student loan Requires no cosigner or credit history All student loan borrowers as their first option
Ascent Based on how much you get on your future income Juniors and seniors
Ascent Based on your credit history Only those who have at least  680 or higher credit scores and adequate income
Funding U Based on your academic record and future potential Undergraduates at eligible schools
A.M. Money Based on GPA Undergraduates at a limited list of schools
MPOWER Based on your future earnings and positive payment history International students
Prodigy Finance Based on earnings potential International grad students
Stride Income share agreement Primarily health care and STEM grad students; juniors and seniors may also qualify
Avenify Income share agreement Nursing students nearing graduation


How to Access Loans from these Private Lenders without a Cosigner

As we said, when searching for the best loan without a cosigner, your best bet should be the federal student loan. You can access the free application form for federal student aid via the FAFSA website.

Ensure you build your credit score and credit history. You will have a very good chance to get the best private loans if you have a credit score above 690. You can boost your credit score faster if you pay all your bills on time, and also use as little of your credit limit as possible

Compare different private loan lenders and ensure you pick the ones with fixed rates because they won’t change over time.

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Also, look for private loans with a very low interest rate and also note if the company will oblige to postpone payments in case you have difficulties paying back.

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