Best Countries to Work Abroad in Europe And Earn High

Work Abroad

A great way to learn about the world, yourself, and what it means to be a global citizen is to live and work Abroad. A rising number of individuals are looking for employment outside their native nation as the globe gets more linked, but choosing where to move overseas can be challenging.

We’ve compiled a list of the top nations to work abroad to assist you in finding your dream position there. These nations, which are listed in no particular order, all stand in as highly ideal locations to either get temporary employment or to start a career.

New Zealand is great for seasonal jobs

New Zealand could be the ideal location if you’re a young adult wanting to broaden your viewpoint through a big trip and intend to pay for it with side jobs along the way! There are several short-term and seasonal job options nationwide, from farmers to adventure sports businesses to tour operators.

  • Monthly living expenses are NZD 1,563 ($927) plus rent.
  • Average Salary: 3,323 dollars (NZD 3,603) per month
  • 12 to 23 months, depending on residence, for work visas
  • Ranking ten on the happiness scale


  • laid-back work/life balance
  • Government and people are forward-thinking and hospitable.


  • Due to a tiny population, several occupations have limited career mobility.
  • Sometimes, life seems relatively silent and lonely.

How to acquire a work permit in New Zealand

There is a working vacation program available in New Zealand for citizens of particular nations worldwide. If you are a citizen of the UK or Canada, your working holiday visa allows you to stay in New Zealand for 23 months and work and travel there for up to 12 months.

In addition, visas can be obtained for those with certain capabilities, including those in engineering and telecommunications. In contrast to the working holiday program, they are often need-based skilled occupations with tougher qualifications.

Visit the New Zealand Immigration website to find out more about obtaining a visa to work in New Zealand.

Finding a Job in New Zealand

Long before the season, you intend to work and begin your employment hunt. Visit NZSki if you wish to work throughout the ski season. Seasonal Employment New Zealand frequently posts listings for agricultural jobs. To find recent job ads, you may also visit the Go Overseas Job Board and filter by job type.

The Netherlands: The Netherlands is excellent for academic and research positions.

The Netherlands is a destination for career-minded overseas employees and is not as appropriate for short-term or temporary work because working there requires a firm sponsor for non-Europeans and the cost of living is rather expensive. 

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However, the Netherlands guarantees full-time employers a minimum of 20 vacation days annually, a holiday allowance, 16 weeks of paid maternity leave, and many more benefits. This indicates that a healthy work-life balance is valued both culturally and legally. If you want to work in the Netherlands but aren’t sure where to begin, consider doing an internship first.

Dutch work visa application procedures

The official language of the Netherlands is Dutch, although English is also widely spoken among young adults, and there are employment opportunities for English speakers. 

You might be amazed at how many opportunities you’ll uncover in English if you utilize tools like to filter job posts by preferred language. Most foreigners living in the Netherlands have at least a Master’s degree, which significantly improves your employment prospects.

You’ll probably do the whole recruiting procedure online because you’ll want a sponsor for your work visa before going to the Netherlands for a job. Learning Dutch before attending interviews is an intelligent idea if you have your heart set on working in the Netherlands.

Employers will see that you are committed to working and living there if you have learned the language. You can even consider obtaining a tourist visa and travelling to the Netherlands for a few weeks to enrol in an intense Dutch language program in Amsterdam!

The Dutch Work Visa Procedure

Getting a working visa in the Netherlands might be difficult if you’re up for it, but the benefits far exceed the difficulties. An employer must sponsor a conventional work visa which is only valid while you are employed there.

Other initiatives are in place in the Netherlands to facilitate the entry of foreign labourers. Investors with start-up visas can live in the Netherlands for a year while they create a fresh business concept.

Additionally, the government offers you a local mentor to help your firm flourish.

  • Rent is €972 ($975) per month plus living expenses.
  • Monthly Salary: €3,017 ($3,025) on average
  • Indefinitely with a firm sponsor, a work visa
  • Ranking 5 on the happiness scale


  • Low crime rates
  • The majority of Dutch people speak English.

Draw Backs

  • Due to the tight-knit social circles, it might be challenging to make friends with locals.
  • Although salaries are high, costs are equally high.

South Korea: South Korea is excellent for teaching English (TEFL).

Recently, and rightfully so, South Korea has become more well-known as a location for international employment. Korea is among the greatest places to work abroad due to its highly competitive economy, world-class food, and highly regarded pop culture.

However, if you are not ready to make cultural adjustments, especially regarding working culture, Korea may be a challenging place to live. 

Although rank and hierarchy are significant, most businesses recognize cultural differences and treat foreigners fairly. Korea has the longest working hours of any industrialized country, so be prepared to put in longer hours than you’re used to!

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You won’t find the same work-life balance in Korea as you would in many other places on our list, contributing to its poor score on the happiness index.

How to acquire a work permit in South Korea

  • In Korea, obtaining a working visa is not too difficult. The “E-2” visa for English teachers in Korea is the quickest and simplest route to getting a working visa.
  • If teaching is not your thing, South Korea has arrangements with certain Western nations that let employees enter on a “working holiday” visa for up to a year.
  • With a “searching for work” visa, visitors can stay in Korea for up to six months while they look for employment.
  • Visit VisaHQ to learn more about getting a visa to work in South Korea.

Obtain employment in South Korea

English Program in Korea (EPIK) is run by the National Institute for International Education and the Korean Ministry of Education with the aim of improving the English proficiency of Korean students. Directly submit an application on the EPIK website. There are also opportunities for private instruction. The most recent ads may be found on the Go Overseas Job Board.

  • Monthly living expenses are 1,340,114 KRW ($962) plus rent.
  • Monthly Salary: 2,210 USD or 3,078,640 KRW on average
  • Duration of work visa: 12 months
  • Ranking 58 on the happiness index


  • Workplaces are cooperative and welcoming
  • Jobs frequently have excellent perks like housing. 


  • Finding supermarket items from home might be difficult if you’re feeling homesick.
  • Due to the pressure to succeed, employees frequently put in more hours than they were originally contracted for.

Australia: Australia is fantastic for job exchanges.

Australia routinely receives high marks for having exceptional living standards, a high quality of life, and a general sense of contentment. Additionally, it is ranked in the top 10 Human Development Index (HDI) countries worldwide. 

People here have a healthy work-life balance, and living in such a stunning country makes it easy to enjoy your free time. Despite Australia’s high cost of living, ex-pats may still live comfortably because of the country’s high minimum income.

Australia work visa application process

The procedure for acquiring a work visa in Australia is much the same as in New Zealand.

Additionally, Australia provides a “working holiday” visa program that enables visitors from specific countries to stay in the nation for a year. Similar to New Zealand, there are working visas available for foreign workers who pass a skills evaluation.

Visit the Department of Home Affairs visa finder for more information about obtaining a visa to work in Australia.

Finding Employment in Australia

Some reputable organizations, such as WWOOF, may put you in touch with a host willing to host you for up to 36 hours a week in exchange for meals and housing. Another well-known tool for connecting tourists with homestays, job exchanges, and volunteer opportunities is Workaway.

  • Monthly living expenses are AUD 1,537 ($996) plus rent.
  • Average Salary: $3,684 (AUD 5,685) one month
  • Duration of work visa: 12 months
  • Ranking 11 on the happiness scale
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  • hefty paychecks
  • fun and welcoming workplace atmosphere


  • Public transportation lines may be relatively long in big cities.
  • High cost of living for some items like fruit and food

Excellent for students: Denmark

One of the safest and happiest nations on Earth, Denmark encourages an outstanding work-life balance and has substantial social welfare resources, including professional child care and public healthcare. This and the country’s excellent standard of life and robust economy make Denmark one of the greatest places to work abroad.

Denmark has the highest cost of living on our list, but typical incomes are also high, and working there means you’ll probably work fewer hours than in most other nations. Denmark has historically served as a critical trading route because of its location wedged between Germany and Sweden, and those connections continue today.

  • 7,745 DKK ($1,044) per month for living expenses, including rent
  • Average Salary: $3,556 per month or 26,380 DKK.
  • Duration of a work visa: 3 to 48 months
  • Ranking two on the happiness scale


  • Because of high taxes, everyone has access to free, high-quality healthcare and education. Low levels of income disparity also lead to contented residents.


  • The astronomical cost of living
  • Most of the year, the climate is chilly, with little sunshine.

Denmark employment visa procedures

You must first apply for residency and get a work permit to be able to work in Denmark.

Depending on your unique situation, there are various work permit options available, such as a fast-track program for those with a recent job offer from a SIRI-certified company, an employed PhD program for those who have been offered a job as a PhD in a Danish educational institution, and a trainee program for those seeking short-term training experience.

Visit the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration website to view all available work visa pathways, understand the criteria, and submit an application.

Finding Employment in Denmark

In Denmark, English speakers have several opportunities to obtain employment, including teaching English and working as an Au Pair. You can keep up with the most recent job opportunities on the Go Overseas Job Board. On the employment website Jobs in Copenhagen, you can filter for English-speaking jobs and discover over 1,000 current posts.

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