Abu Abel Biography, Age, Early Life, Businesses, Net Worth

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Abel Egbarin, widely recognized as Abu Abel, is a notable Nigerian entrepreneur, music executive, and realtor, celebrated for his impact on the music scene, particularly in collaboration with singer Junior Boy. This biography unveils the layers of Abu Abel’s life, shedding light on his early days, family, education, and diverse career ventures.

Abu Abel Early Life and Education:

Abu Abel was born in Lagos, Nigeria on November 8, 1972. His educational journey took him through Army Children’s School, Sagamu, and Sonyindo Community High School. Subsequently, he pursued higher education at Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye. Abu Abel’s diverse academic and life experiences shaped his versatile and dynamic approach to various endeavours.

Abu Abel Career:

at 51 years old, Abu Abel has made significant strides in diverse fields. His multifaceted career encompasses entrepreneurship, music executive roles, and real estate ventures. As a music executive, he has notably contributed to the success of Junior Boy, leaving an indelible mark on the Nigerian music industry.

Not just confined to the music realm, Abu Abel is a savvy entrepreneur with interests spanning real estate. He is the proud owner of Obimzy Records, showcasing his commitment to nurturing and promoting musical talent. Additionally, he operates Obimzy Properties, making waves in the real estate sector.

Family: While Abu Abel keeps the identity of the mother of his two children private, his dedication to family is evident. A proud father of a boy and a girl, he balances his bustling career with family responsibilities.

Social Media Presence: Connect with Abu Abel on Instagram to stay updated with his ventures and insights:

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Conclusion: Abu Abel’s journey from Lagos to becoming a pivotal figure in Nigerian music and real estate is a testament to his resilience and diverse skill set. As he continues to make strides in entrepreneurship and contribute to the entertainment industry, Abu Abel remains a compelling figure worth watching in the dynamic landscape of Nigerian business and music.



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