39 Summer Jobs For Teens

Summer Jobs

When summertime rolls around, many teenagers are eager to find employment and make some extra money. Summer jobs provide financial benefits and valuable experiences to help teens develop essential life skills. This article will explore 39 summer job ideas for teens, offering many options and opportunities.

1. Lifeguard: For teens who are strong swimmers and enjoy spending time at the pool or beach, becoming a lifeguard can be a rewarding and fulfilling summer job. Not only does it require responsibility and attentiveness, it also offers the chance to spend time outdoors and possibly save lives.

2. Camp Counselor: Working as a camp counselor is an excellent option for teens who enjoy working with children and are passionate about outdoor activities. Camps often provide various opportunities, including sports, arts and crafts, and team-building activities, allowing teens to gain leadership skills.

3. Babysitter: Babysitting is a classic summer job choice for teens. It allows them to work flexible hours and interact with children, developing skills in responsibility, problem-solving, and communication. Teens can advertise their services locally or join babysitting websites and apps.

4. Pet Sitter: Animal lovers can consider offering pet sitting services during the summer. This job involves caring for pets without their owners, including feeding, walking, and playing with them. It provides an opportunity to earn money while spending time with furry friends.

5. Tutor: Teens who excel in certain subjects can offer tutoring services to younger students. This allows them to strengthen their knowledge and helps them develop skills in communication, patience, and adaptability.

6. Retail Associate: Many retailers hire teenagers during the summer to assist with customer service, restocking shelves, and organizing merchandise. This job offers exposure to the world of business and customer interaction.

7. Fast Food Worker: Working in a fast-food restaurant can be a great summer job for teens, providing hands-on experience in customer service, teamwork, and time management. It also offers a glimpse into the fast-paced world of the food industry.

8. Landscaper: Teens who enjoy working outdoors can consider landscaping or gardening jobs. This may involve mowing lawns, planting flowers, or maintaining gardens, providing physical activity and an opportunity to develop attention to detail and organization skills.

9. Golf Caddy: Working as a golf caddy can be an excellent choice for teens who enjoy golfing and being outdoors. It allows them to help golfers with their equipment, gain insights into the game, and potentially learn from experienced players.

10. Office Assistant: Some businesses hire teenage office assistants to perform tasks such as filing, answering phone calls, and data entry. This job provides exposure to a professional setting and the opportunity to develop administrative and organizational skills.

These are just some of the summer jobs available for teens. Whether working directly with people or animals in more traditional job roles, the experience gained from summer employment can be invaluable. It not only provides a chance for teens to earn money but also fosters independence, responsibility, and the development of essential life skills.

How to Find the Perfect Summer Jobs for Teens

Summer Jobs
Summer Jobs

Summer is a great time for teenagers to gain valuable work experience and earn extra cash. Finding the perfect summer job can be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, it can also be challenging to know where to start. With so many options available, teens must have a clear plan. Here are some tips to help teens find the perfect summer job:

1. Start Early

One of the key tips for finding a summer job is to start the search early. Many employers begin hiring for summer positions several months in advance. By starting early, teens can increase their chances of finding jobs that align with their interests and skills. They can also beat the competition by submitting their applications before the rush.

2. Explore Different Options

There are plenty of summer job opportunities available for teens. It’s important for them to explore different options and think about what interests them the most. Some popular choices include lifeguarding, camp counselor, retail associate, dog walker, babysitter, or lawn care assistant. By considering their interests and strengths, teens can find a job they will enjoy and excel in.

3. Network and Seek Recommendations

Networking and seeking recommendations can be helpful in the job search process. Teens can contact family, friends, neighbors, or teachers for potential job leads. They can also ask for recommendation letters or references to enhance their applications. Networking can open doors to hidden job opportunities that may not be advertised publicly.

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4. Utilize Online Job Portals

Online job portals offer a wide range of summer job opportunities for teens. Websites such as Indeed, Snagajob, and Teens4Hire specialize in listing part-time and seasonal jobs for teenagers. Teens can create profiles on these platforms, upload their resumes, and browse job postings that match their preferences. It’s important to check these websites for new job listings regularly.

5. Polish Your Resume and Cover Letter

A well-crafted resume and cover letter can make a significant difference in securing a summer job. Teens should highlight their relevant skills, experiences, and achievements in their resumes. They should also customize their cover letters for each job application to showcase their enthusiasm and interest. Proofreading documents for errors and formatting them professionally is essential.

6. Practice for Interviews

Preparing for job interviews is crucial to make a good impression on potential employers. Teens should practice common interview questions and think about effectively communicating their strengths and experiences. They should also dress appropriately for interviews and demonstrate good manners and confidence. Seeking feedback from family or friends can help improve interview skills.

7. Be Professional and Reliable

Teens should maintain a professional and reliable attitude when applying for summer jobs. This includes being punctual, dressing appropriately, and demonstrating good communication skills. Employers value professionalism and reliability in their employees, even if it’s a temporary summer job. Teens should always strive to exceed expectations and take their responsibilities seriously.

8. Follow Up After Applications and Interviews

Teens should follow up with employers after submitting job applications or attending interviews. A polite email thanking the employer for considering their application or attending the interview can leave a positive impression. It shows the teen’s enthusiasm and professionalism, which can set them apart from other candidates.

Finding the perfect summer job for teens requires planning, determination, and perseverance. Starting the search early, exploring different options, utilizing online job portals, networking, and practicing for interviews can all increase the chances of landing a rewarding summer job. By following these tips, teens can find a job that provides valuable work experience and aligns with their interests and goals.

Top Skills to Highlight when Applying for Summer Jobs as a Teen

Summer Jobs
Summer Jobs

When applying for summer jobs as a teen, it’s important to showcase your skills and abilities to stand out from other applicants. By highlighting the right skills, you can demonstrate your value and increase your chances of landing a job. Here are some top skills you should include on your resume and emphasize during interviews:

  1. Communication: Effective communication skills are essential in any job. Demonstrate that you can articulate yourself clearly and listen actively. Communicating effectively is crucial whether you are working with customers, teammates, or supervisors.
  2. Customer Service: Many summer jobs involve direct interaction with customers. Highlight your ability to provide excellent customer service by showcasing previous experiences in a customer-facing role. Emphasize your patience, problem-solving skills, and friendly demeanor.
  3. Time Management: Employers value individuals who can manage their time efficiently. Show that you can prioritize tasks, meet deadlines, and work well under pressure. Mention any experiences where you demonstrated time-management solid skills, such as balancing schoolwork with extracurricular activities.
  4. Teamwork: Jobs often require collaborating with others to achieve common goals. Highlight your ability to work well in a team by providing examples of successful group projects or sports teams you have participated in. Mention your willingness to collaborate, contribute ideas, and adapt to different team dynamics.
  5. Problem Solving: Employers appreciate individuals who can think critically and solve problems creatively. Highlight any instances of successfully resolving a challenging situation or overcoming obstacles. This could include troubleshooting technical issues, resolving conflicts, or developing innovative ideas.
  6. Adaptability: In a dynamic work environment, adaptability and openness to change are crucial. Demonstrate your flexibility by sharing instances where you adapted to new situations, learned quickly, or took on new responsibilities. Employers value individuals who can handle unexpected challenges with a positive attitude.
  7. Attention to Detail: Accuracy and attention to detail are important in many jobs, especially those involving data entry, inventory management, or quality control. Highlight any experiences where accuracy was crucial and mention relevant skills such as double-checking work, following instructions precisely, and maintaining organized records.

Remember to tailor the skills you highlight to the specific job you are applying for. Read the job description carefully and identify the most relevant skills. By showcasing these skills, you can present yourself as a strong candidate for summer jobs and increase your chances of securing employment.

Part-time vs. Full-time Summer Jobs: Pros and Cons for Teens

Summer is a great time for teenagers to gain valuable work experience and earn extra money. However, when deciding on a summer job, teens often face the dilemma of choosing between part-time or full-time positions. Each option has advantages and disadvantages, and teens need to consider their individual goals and circumstances before deciding.

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Part-time Summer Jobs

Part-time summer jobs typically require fewer hours per week, allowing teens more time for other activities, such as volunteering, attending summer programs, or simply enjoying their free time. Here are some of the pros and cons of part-time summer jobs:

Pros of Part-time Summer Jobs

  • Flexibility: Part-time jobs often offer more flexible schedules, allowing teens to work around other commitments or activities.
  • Less Stress: With fewer work hours, part-time jobs can be less stressful, allowing teenagers to balance work and personal life better.
  • Opportunity to Learn: Part-time jobs can provide valuable learning experiences, allowing teens to develop essential skills, such as customer service, time management, and teamwork.

Cons of Part-time Summer Jobs

  • Lower Income: Part-time jobs typically pay less than full-time positions, which may limit the earning potential for teens.
  • Less Work Experience: With fewer hours, teens may have limited opportunities to gain as much work experience as they would in a full-time position.
  • Restricted Responsibilities: Part-time jobs may offer limited responsibilities, which may not provide the same level of challenge and growth as full-time positions.

Full-time Summer Jobs

Full-time summer jobs typically require more hours of work per week, often mirroring a typical full-time work schedule. Let’s explore the pros and cons of full-time summer jobs:

Pros of Full-time Summer Jobs

  • Higher Income Potential: Full-time jobs generally pay more than part-time positions, allowing teens to earn a larger paycheck during the summer.
  • Increased Work Experience: With more work hours, teens can gain a broader range of work experience and learn more about different aspects of a particular industry or profession.
  • Building Strong Work Ethic: Full-time positions can help teenagers develop a strong work ethic and learn the importance of commitment and perseverance.

Cons of Full-time Summer Jobs

Summer Jobs
Summer Jobs
  • Reduced Free Time: Full-time jobs require a greater time commitment, which may limit teens’ free time during the summer.
  • Added Stress: Full-time positions’ increased workload and responsibilities can sometimes be more demanding and stressful for teenagers.
  • Less Time for Other Activities: Teens with full-time jobs may have less time for extracurricular activities, hobbies, or other personal interests.

Ultimately, the choice between part-time and full-time summer jobs depends on the individual circumstances and goals of the teenager. Some prioritize earning money, while others focus on gaining valuable experience or pursuing other interests. It’s essential for teens to carefully consider their priorities and find a summer job that aligns with their needs and aspirations.

Finding a summer job as a teenager can be a great way to gain experience, learn new skills, and earn some extra money. Not only does it provide an opportunity to be productive during the summer break, but it also helps foster independence and responsibility. Here are 39 summer jobs for teens to consider:

  1. Babysitting: Offer your services as a babysitter in your neighborhood.
  2. Dog walking: Many pet owners are willing to pay someone to walk their dogs during summer.
  3. Lawn mowing: Start your own lawn care service and help neighbors with their yard maintenance.
  4. Grocery store clerk: Supermarkets hire teens as cashiers or baggers.
  5. Lifeguard: If you’re a strong swimmer, consider obtaining the necessary certifications to work as a local pool or beach lifeguard.
  6. Camp counselor: Many summer camps hire teens to assist with various activities.
  7. Tutoring: Offer your expertise in subjects like math, science, or a foreign language to younger students who need extra help.
  8. Farm work: Look for opportunities to work on local farms, helping with tasks like harvesting crops or caring for animals.
  9. Referee or umpire: If you enjoy sports, consider becoming a referee or umpire for local leagues.
  10. Car wash attendant: Join a car wash team or start your own mobile car wash service.
  11. Fast food worker: Many fast food restaurants hire teens for part-time positions.
  12. Ice cream parlor attendant: Work at a local ice cream shop, serving delicious treats to customers.
  13. Library assistant: Spend your summer helping out at the local library, shelving books and assisting patrons.
  14. Golf course caddy: If you enjoy golf, become a caddy at a nearby golf course.
  15. Movie theater attendant: Work at a cinema, selling tickets and snacks to moviegoers.
  16. Delivery driver: Many restaurants and shops need delivery drivers, especially during the busy summer season.
  17. Swim instructor: If you’re a proficient swimmer, consider teaching swimming lessons to younger children.
  18. Museum guide: Many museums hire teens as tour guides or assistants during the summer months.
  19. Retail sales associate: Work at a local store, assisting customers and organizing merchandise.
  20. Pet sitting: Care for pets while their owners are away on vacation.
  21. Gardening and landscaping: Offer your gardening skills to homeowners who need help with their gardens and yards.
  22. Community center assistant: Many community centers hire teens to assist with various programs and activities.
  23. Amusement park worker: Apply for a job at an amusement park, where you can operate rides or serve as a games attendant.
  24. Event staff: Help out at weddings, concerts, and other events, setting up and cleaning afterward.
  25. Photography assistant: Offer your assistance to professional photographers during photoshoots or events.
  26. Data entry: Many businesses need help with data entry tasks during busy times.
  27. Restaurant host/hostess: Greet and seat customers at a local restaurant.
  28. Freelance writing: If you have strong writing skills, consider freelancing for blogs or websites.
  29. Social media manager: Help businesses manage their social media accounts and engage with their audience.
  30. Graphic design: Offer your graphic design services for small businesses or individuals in need of logos or promotional materials.
  31. Virtual assistant: Assist professionals remotely with tasks like email management, scheduling, and research.
  32. Car detailing: Start your own car detailing service, offering cleaning and detailing services to car owners.
  33. Fashion retail: Work at a clothing store, helping customers find the perfect outfit.
  34. Music teacher: If you play an instrument or have vocal skills, offer music lessons to younger students.
  35. Selling crafts: If you’re creative, make and sell your crafts at local fairs or online.
  36. Fitness instructor: Become certified and offer fitness classes for teens or adults in your community.
  37. Tour guide: Work for a local tour company, leading tours and sharing knowledge about your area.
  38. Event planning assistant: Help organize and coordinate events for individuals or businesses.
  39. Social media influencer: If you have a significant following on social media, partner with brands to promote their products or services.
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These are just a few examples of summer jobs for teens. Consider your interests, skills, and the opportunities available in your area to find the perfect summer job that suits you.


Summer jobs for teens offer many options and opportunities for young individuals to gain valuable work experience, develop essential skills, and earn some extra cash. With 39 different summer job ideas to consider, there is something for everyone, regardless of their interests and abilities.

Finding the perfect summer job as a teen may seem daunting, but it is entirely achievable with little effort and research. From traditional options like babysitting and lifeguarding to more unique opportunities such as pet sitting or starting a small online business, there are numerous avenues to explore. By considering personal interests, skills, and availability, teens can identify summer jobs that align with their preferences and goals.

When applying for summer jobs, teens must highlight relevant skills and experiences to stand out from other applicants. Communication skills, teamwork, problem-solving abilities, and a strong work ethic are among the top qualities employers typically seek. Additionally, highlighting extracurricular activities, volunteer work, or any leadership roles held can demonstrate responsibility and commitment, making the application more compelling.

Deciding between part-time and full-time summer jobs is a consideration that teenagers must make. Part-time positions can offer flexibility and still leave room for other summer activities. They can provide a balance between work and leisure, allowing teens to enjoy their summer while also gaining work experience. On the other hand, full-time summer jobs can offer a more immersive and structured work experience, often in industries such as retail or hospitality. Teens must weigh the pros and cons of each option to find the ideal balance for their specific circumstances and goals.

Engaging in summer jobs fosters valuable life skills such as independence and responsibility. Teens are given opportunities to manage their time effectively, make independent decisions, and learn the importance of accountability. Summer jobs teach young individuals the value of hard work and the satisfaction of earning their own money, contributing to their personal growth and development.

The vast array of summer job opportunities available to teens allows them to explore, learn, and grow professionally. Teenagers can make the most of their summer break by choosing a summer job aligned with their interests and skills, highlighting their qualifications, and considering the pros and cons of part-time versus full-time positions. Beyond earning money, summer jobs for teens offer invaluable experiences that foster independence, responsibility, and a strong work ethic. Whether it’s working with children, in retail, or pursuing an entrepreneurial venture, the possibilities are endless. So, why not make the most of the summer and embark on a rewarding personal and professional development journey through a summer job?



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