3 Reasons Why College Degree Is Not the Only Path To Success

Having a college degree is good, in fact, in today’s society, everyone should have a college degree. But it is not the ultimate path to success. In society today, it has become a known tradition that to achieve your dreams, live a comfortable life, or achieve career satisfaction you must pass through college.

This idea may be true if you are pursuing a career in Medicine, Law, etc. but careers such as football, singing, truck driving paralegal, etc. You only require a high school diploma or no certificate at all. Find out jobs that pay you a high salary and you only need a high school diploma.

College was seen as the only way to prepare the younger generation for success in the worlds’ labor market. The number of students going to college every year is decreasing as the world changes. More people are sorting for careers that do not really require a college degree to start making the figures.

In developed countries like the US and Canada, education is made compulsory for all children until after high school. A college education is not compulsory, this is because they understand that college is not for everyone and so many careers do not require you to obtain a college degree.

Many students who go to college, end up not graduating, some do badly when they try to combine education with the career they truly desire like a business. Below are some strong reasons why a college degree is not the only pathway to success.

3 Reasons Why College Is Not the Only Path To Success

3 Reasons Why College Degree Is Not the Only Path To Success

You Are Not Taught to Think in College

Teaching students how to think is not what a college does. Every year lecturers recycle the same book and information used to teach predecessors of the current students. Some of the lecturers have no real-life experience working in the field they are teaching.

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And so we do not expect them to teach you anything outside what they have in their books. In most classrooms setting, students only reproduce back the same information passed to them by their lecturers and this does not foster critical thinking in any way.

You Have No Guarantee of Success

Just like we have continuously said, education not just college is not a guarantee for success. It does not mean that you will land your dream job, and it sure does not mean that you get to live your dream life. Some students complete college and end up in-debt which they pay for a long time. You have no guarantee for a high paying.

There are Alternative Career Paths

There are so many other options and career paths that do not lead to the front gate of the college. People with eyes for business can pursue a career as an entrepreneur. In addition, there are so many skilled trade jobs, some requiring just a high school diploma, while some require some months of training and certification.

Experience and skill have a better impact in a company compared to the paper in your hands. When you work into a company to start your job, you will probably be told to forget everything you were taught in school and undergo six months’ training and some even more.

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