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How to Get an Employer to Sponsor You to Canada

Almost anyone would want an opportunity to work in Canada. Canada is one of the world’s most beautiful, peaceful, and friendly nations. Immigrants in their thousands apply for a visa each to work and live in Canada. Canada is also amongst the top countries that provide different immigration and visa program aimed at bringing more immigrants to Canada

The Canadian government understands the important contributions and value immigrants add to their economy and how they have over the years reduced the impact of labor shortage in the country. It is no secret that the government of Canada wishes to bring more immigrants this year to help meet up the immigration goals for 2022 and this year might be an opportunity to move to Canada.

Applying for a visa to Canada is much easier when you have a job offer. Although some immigration programs and pathway that do not require you having a job offer, then it is better to first secure a job from your home country first that way, employers can easily sponsor or help you obtain a visa much faster to Canada. Another option for you is to move to Canada as a visitor and then find a recognized company and employer who may be willing to become your sponsor.

Some of the challenges you may encounter while looking for an employer include; getting a good job with a recognized company, lack of recognition for the foreign certificate you have, or the quality of your education being questioned because you did not attend a school in Canada, lack of Canadian working experience, and so on. With all these obstacles immigrants encounter there are still a good number of companies accepting immigrants through active programs and services.

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What is the best way to find a Sponsor in Canada?

The first step to finding companies and employers who are accepting foreign workers is by simply searching for those companies and employers who have recruited or sponsored immigrants to Canada in the past. The secret is this, if you are able to find companies that recruited foreigners in the past and are still operational, chances are that they will need more immigrants or skilled foreigners. So start your search there, contact these Canadian companies directly and check the possibility of them hiring you.

Another great idea is to job hunt or to find employers is going to the Canadian embassy in your country, enquire if there are job fairs or companies that are currently searching for foreign workers.

Some Canadian companies also target specific countries that provide a good number of talented workers, for example, India and most Asian countries are known for producing great tech talents and many companies in Canada in the tech industry are constantly hunting for foreign workers in these countries. You can enquire from the industry associations in your country about such companies.

How Does the Canadian Express Entry Program Help You?

If you have been surfing the internet for some time now looking for immigration news and articles to help you move to Canada, then you should have come across the popular immigration program in Canada called the Express Entry program. If you have not heard of this program before, then today is your lucky day.

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The Canadian Express Entry program offers immigrants a fast-track immigration option to Canada. It was created by the Canadian government to act as a pool where skilled immigrants can register and store their immigration data, and where provinces and companies looking to invite skilled immigrants can go and find them.

How Does the Canadian Express Entry Program Work?

So to be registered into this pool, you need to apply via IRCC’s official website, ensure you meet the requirements to work or immigrate to Canada. The Express Entry program uses a ranking system where immigrants are scored (Comprehensive Ranking Score) depending on their Educational, Language, Work Experience, and other qualifications. The highest scoring immigrants are placed first in the pool and thus are more likely to receive invitations to apply from provinces and companies in Canada.